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Welcome to the Withernwick Website which was first created in Dec 2008. There are lots of interesting things such as the extensive Photo Galleries and fasinating Tales of the past. We can help you find images and information on your Withernwick ancestors. You can buy and sell things locally and very easily. News doesn't happen fast in the village but here is the
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Emigration from Withernwick in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Christmas Fair 2017 - Photos
The Coupland Family of Withernwick
Theft for Whitedale Farm
The Falcon For Sale
The Pantom Pebble Painter of Withernwick
Manor Farm, South End c 1910
The Curious Tale of Maria Frances Watson (and Beatrix Potter)
The Trowill Family of Withernwick
Withernwick Clay Shoot Raises 1350
Harriet Clappison Kay b 1837
Anthony Simpson 1851-1923

Photos of the Concert in St Alban's Church 20th May 2017
The Flint Family and Village Post Office
New Falcon Opening Times - April 2017
The Fisher Family of Lynton Terrace
James Fisher (1892-1953) in WW1 and 1950
Treasure Hunt 16th April 2017 - Photos
The Wedding of Alice Jennison and David Gingell - 1966
John Foster (b 1868) of Withernwick
Alfred and Laura Dunn
The Watson Family of Withernwick
An Electoral Register from 1868
Henry Wallis - Inkeeper of the Old Gate pub, High Street
Neville Medforth and Hull's First Airport
Emily Medforth's 90th Birthday

A Colour Photo of a WI event c 1970
A lovely Photo of 'Hull Road' Withernwick c 1905
Tractor run through the village - 3rd April 2016
Demolition of the Village Hall - March 2016
The Lumley Family of Withernwick and America
 Jack and Molly Wilkie - Do send your Pet photos!





World War 1

Clock on Stanley Harsley
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St Alban's Parish Newsletter - Feb 2018
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Suave Bertie - June 2014
Polly and Cody - June 2014


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