The Trowill's of Withernwick
The Trowill's lived in Withernwick in the latter half of the 19th century.


Amy and Charles Trowill probably about 1920
Charles was born in Withernwick in 1867 but was probably living in Goxhill by this time.
Amy Ellen was born in 1866 in Hull.

Amy and Charles perhaps a little later c 1925

Amy Trowill c 1925

  The grave of Harriet Trowill the sister of Charles in St Alban's churchyard.
She was born in 1862 and died 11th April 1884 aged only 22. She obviously never married.
The poem on the gravestone reads
We shall sleep, but not for ever
in the lone and silent grave,
blessed be the Lord that taketh
blessed be the Lord that gave

Harriet and Charles were the children of William and Maria Trowill.
William was born in Preston in 1819 and Maria was born in Withernwick in 1825


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