North End Farm and the Clappison Family

North End Farm, Cowden Lane was long associated with the Clappison family. This is a series of photos of the farm and the family in
roughly chronological order. The family lived at the farm until the late 1960's and then moved to Great Hatfield but continued to
work the farm up until 1995.


Fred Clappison with Philip on Cowden beach

Philip with a very fine rocking horse

Philip with an equally fine Austin 7

Philip aged about 8 years old c 1932

Jane Clappison with Josie and Philip c 1930

Jane Clappison with Philip and Josie c 1933

Philip with Cobby c 1940

Josie with Tommy in 1939

Philip in 1946

Fly the sheepdog

James Dunn , Josie and  Sydney Harsley 
and Judy the dog c 1940

Philip building haystacks 1960's

Some fine shire horses

North End Farm 1960's

The farm house 1960's
With Philip's Austin A30, Josie's Triumph Herald
and Fred's Morris Oxford. The VW van belongs to some students.

The same piece of machinery seen in use above 1960's

Fred and a combined harvester 1960's

Fred at Beverley market 1971

Fred Clappison and George Hesk
The Hesk family ran a hailage firm and George had been best man
at Fred's wedding - click here.


Jane Clappison
  With a very smart old sports car

Jane Clappison with a more down to Earth car

Jane this time with a Royal Enfield motor bike


Philip working on the farm 1980's

Philip and an old harvesting machine 1980's

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