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Photo Gallery

Due to the large number of photographs on the orginal gallery, it has now been split into 5 sections.
If you have any interesting photos or videos you wish to share please send them to me.
Photos need to be .jpg format about 600 x 400 pixels or larger, or send me the original and I will scan them and return them to you.
Click on the thumbnails to go to the gallery section.
Particularly if you are new to the website finding a particular person will be nearly impossible - so click here for an index of names.
Please note any photo may be subject to copyright and may need permission of the copyright owner if you wish to reproduce it in any way.
There will be no problem with many of the photos, but please contact me if you are in any doubt.



There are lots of Withernwick photos on some other websites

Geograph - Claims to photo every sq km of Britain
Certainly a lot of Withernwick and nearby

A set of photos on Flikr taken by someone with the name Peregrine Horatio Ecclefechan (Anyone know who this really is?)


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1881 to 1920
1921 to 1960
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