Glebe Farm and the Fishers

Probably 1930's and 1940's
The Fishers were a large family who farmed Glebe farm for many years.
John Robert Fisher later ran the Falcon - click here. He had children Joan and Doreen who still live in the village.
Click here to see a family tree of the Fishers.
Nearly all of these photos were sent by Jim Richardson, son of Betty Callander who appears on several of 
these photos and who was clearly a close friend of the Fishers.

Alwyn Fisher and his dogs

Arthur and Alwyn Fisher

Arthur, Alwyn and an unknown lady (probably Betty Smith)

Alwyn Fisher (driving)

A binding machine in operation, John Robert Fisher is sat on the binder, he was later landlord of the Falcon - click here

Adrian and Margaret on a haystack
  next to a very fine antique railway carriage.

Alwyn Fisher 

Alwyn Fisher and puppy outside Glebe farmhouse

Alwyn Fisher

Alwyn (left) and Arthur Fisher - shaving?

Alwyn Fisher & Betty Callander - again shaving?

Alwyn and John Fisher setting up a cart and horse

Alwyn Fisher & Betty Smith

Arthur (left) & Alwyn Fisher

Arthur Fisher

Betty Smith & Alwyn Fisher

Arthur Fisher

Arthur Fisher

Arthur Fisher

Betty Callander and Alwyn Fisher (recognise where?)

Alwyn Fisher & Betty Smith

Betty Smith (sat on door), Rose Fisher (left) & Betty Callander

Gran Rose (Alwyn, Rose, Arthur & John's mum), Joan & Alwyn Fisher

John & Arthur Fisher & Adrian 

Glebe Farm house

Rose & Gran Rose Fisher (& a plucked chicken)

Madge Callander, Rose Fisher, Betty and Margaret Callander
(Madge was the mum of sisters Betty and Margaret)

Joan and Alwyn Fisher
Glebe farm house in the background

Joan & Gran Rose Fisher & the flower garden at Glebe Farm

Rose Fisher and chicks

(l to r) Lucy (?), Rose Fisher, Mary (?) Audrey Callander at Cowden

Rose Fisher, Margaret & Audrey Callander
Sylvia Robinson (nee Fisher) (b 1913), sister of Alwyn etc
Married Clifford Robinson and lived in Bewholme.


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