Joe and Elsie Crawforth

Joe was born in Skirlaugh (although that is the general area only which could include Withernwick) in 1904, but must have at sometime moved to Withernwick. He fought in the 2nd World War as a member of the Indian Army. He is shown in his uniform in the photograph on the right, he also appears in the group photo below which is clearly taken somewhere hot such as India; unfortunately we are not sure which of the men is Joe (so if anyone is particualrly good at recognising faces, perhaps you could identify Joe and let me know).

He apparently remained in the army after the war and reached the rank of band master in the now defunct East Yorkshire Regiment; so he was obviously musically talented.

At some point he married Elsie, who was born Wilson but was fostered by Bertha Barker who lived in Church Lane; Elsie was born in London in 1906, so it not quite sure how she got to Withernwick by the 1911 census. 

When Harry Southwick (senior) died, Thirza Southwick (nee Harsley) went to live with Joe and Elsie which, no doubt, explains the photo at the bottom right, they clearly must have been friends. They all moved to Woodgate Road in Hull, where Joe died c 1980 and Elsie died in 1982.

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Joe Crawforth c 1940


A section of the East Yorkshire regiment, probably in India or Egypt,  Joe Crawforth is the one 3rd from the right
just peering over the shoulder of the man with the cigarette.


Elsie Crawforth


Joe Crawforth with Thirza Southwick (nee Harsley) outside
Tanton Terrace, September 1965.