Manor Farm c 1910      

A view of the Manor House and the Lambwath Stream, South End probably c1905.
The view has not changed a lot except for trees and bushes becoming more mature.
In 1901 the Manor House was the farm of Robert Taylor, later it became Billy Bulson's farm.
The two men on the bridge are Hebert Myers (the Sub-Postmaster) and Robert Taylor. 
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to see their 1901 census entries. There is also another Robert Taylor who is no doubt the above's son.
Indeed the Taylor family also later ran nearby Straits Farm.
The house was probably named after the ancient Manor House known as Hall Garth which was known to exist in the 14th century.

Another photo taken from a similar angle in about 1910.
Sadly we do not know who the lady with the bicycle is.
Judging by the climbing plant on the farm, the first photo if winter or spring and the second is summer.
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