Olive Kearry - a Withernwick Lady

Olive Kearry was born in 1906 the daughter of John Robert and Emma. They probably lived in Pear Tree Cottage at the time. Her younger brother Wilfred died about 1923, probably in a motorcycle accident. To see a photo of her as a younger lady - click here.


The photo to the left is of her wedding in 1943 to John Dyson at St Alban's church.


A photo also taken at the wedding. Olive and John are in the centre. The bridesmade is Irene Beeton ( a fairly distant but local relation). On the right
as we look, is John Robert and Emma Kearry, Olive's parents. Irene is an interesting character, click here to read about her.


Here John and Olive are seen on a day out, Olive is holding their only son Wilfred Alan who sadly died in 1951 aged 5.
This probably dates this photo to about 1949.

On the same day, Olive eating a spot of lunch.

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