The Withernwick Ramblers - Skiffle Group - 1958 
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This is the famous Withernwick Ramblers Skiffle Group, c1958 practising at Crofts Farm.
The list of characters are
Photo 1 (Back)Terry Ireland, Alan "Bert" Hodson, (front) David "Tubs" Croft, Colin Davison.
Photo 2 (Back) Terry Ireland, David "Tubs" Croft (Front) Alan "Bert" Hodson, Colin Davidson.

For a few months the group played at local youth clubs on the Hornsea Methodist Youth Association circuit.

Here is a poem by Terry Ireland about his time in the group.

Bert sang and played guitar
and I played tea-chest base
Tubs played the washboard
and we practised at his place
when we used to have a skiffle group
in those days when years were long
and once the girls yelled and screamed
through every single song
then they tried chat us up
which could have been quite bad
as they all had a boyfriends
from among the local lads
and one Hatfield youth club party
I had a pleasant shock

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