A photograph of the celebration of the 21st Anniversary of the Withernwick Women's Institute in 1951.
Can you help put any names to the faces? I'm sure you can, so please let me know.
  Front row: Majorie Smith (nee Croft), Mary (Molly) Graham, Dora Witty, Mrs Porritt (wife of Joe who ran Whitedale garage), Mrs Pegg , Mrs C D Ellis  (wife of the shop keeper), Hetty Dunn, ? .
Second row: Mrs Waller, Olive Witty (John's mum), Mrs Richardson, ? , Ada Hinch , Granny Cherry, Mrs Calander , Lucy Norman , Mrs Gardner . 
Back row: Mrs Smart (peeping over Olive Witty's shoulder), just to the right and behind Granny Cherry is Mrs Hewson (wife of Rev Hewson).
The lady standing just to the left of the door right at the back is Doreen Stamford.

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