From an e-mail from Anne Peck (nee Anne Little)
Some additional information has come from Terry Ireland

Apparently the outing was actually a Drama Group outing which took place on a Sunday in the summer of 1957.
The photo was taken near the Devil's Punchbowl in North Yorkshire.

The people on the photograph are as follows starting from the back left to right.
Allen Barron, Peter Lockton, Hazel Steel (in the flower skirt), Betty Saltmer (or maybe still Fisher - in the spotted dress), Jean Scrafton, The drama teacher - Mrs Arnott, think the next one is  her sister, but maybe wrong, Mirrie Ellis (Moulds - in the grey derss), Beryl Ellis, Anne Little (me), Amy Fisher, Greg Peck( I married Him), Johnny Fisher, Edgar Rickettson, 
At the front: Jim Medcalf, Vic Hinch, Shirley Hinch.
Kneeling at the right is Alwyn Fisher

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