The wedding of Kathy Wilson and Colin Wright in the summer of 1941 at St Alban's church.
Colin was originally from Derbyshire, it isn't known how he ended up in Withernwick, as you can see he was involved in WW2.
Kathy was village girl,  click here to see a photo of her as a young girl and click here to see her at school.
Kathy is still alive and well (as of Dec 2015) and living in New Zealand aged 93.
The others in the photo from left to right as we look.;
Colin's mother and father and Rose Wright, his sister and bridesmaid, the best man is unknown, then Colin and Kathy,
next is (Edith) Lottie Wright (later Martin). Kathy's sister (born in Withernwick but brought up in Wawne by her grandparents, she is still alive and well (as of Dec 2015).
then we have Harry and Agnes Wilson, Kathy's parents who were living in the village around this time,
the young bridesmaid is Doreen Butler.
Also probably at the wedding would have been Nora and Harry Wallace (Kathy and Lottie's aunt and uncle) who ran Whitedale Farm, they also
ran a haulage/carrier business from the farm (Nora was the direct relative).
Many thanks to Jonathan Croft (grandson of Lotiie) for all this infomation.

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