A photograph of the marriage of one of Phylis one of Ernest Colton Wright's daughters.
The wedding tool place on 5th October 1929. 
The photo is taken in the doorway of the school, the wedding no doubt took place in St Alban's.
The man at the back right, is William Wright. brother of Ernest, Ernest had died in August 1928.
The woman on far right is Clara, wife of Ernest.
The bridegroom is Anelay Thomas Bayston Hart.
The bridesmaid could is Esme Wright, a younger sister of Phylis that was born after the 1911 census.
The lady at the rear on the left (as we look) is Mia Robinson a sister of Clara.
The man behind Phylis is Robert Hart, the bridegroom's father.
The man on the far left is Dr Miles Hutchinson, the best man.
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