A cow in the Falcon - c 1960.
It shows Adrian Voase (Stuart's father), then the village butcher along with Don Goodyear (Sarah's father). 

Another photograph from (probably) the same day, the cow does look the same in both photographs.
The girl is Cherry Voase, the daughter of Adrian and the older sister of Stuart.
The cow in the Falcon became annual ritual. After the Hull Christmas Fatstock Show, Adrian always used
to buy the Christmas Champion Beast, then take it home and into the Falcon for its last treat of a pint of
beer and a packet of crisps. After this it was taken into the yard next door (most will remember that Voase's
buthcher's shop was next door to the Falcon) to be slaughtered. I sure this wouldn't be alllowed nowadays due
to the dreaded health and safety; and I'm sure John would be too keen on a cow in the pub anyway.

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