Pickles Plight

Pickles was telling us that as he had recently been abandoned, it would be nice to make some new acquaintances, therefore he asked us to put some info on the website to attract new friends, he likes old worn out socks (to sleep in) toast, cucumber, sweetcorn, lettuce and crunchy nut cornflakes.  To keep in shape he likes nothing better than running on his lovely lime green wheel at 8.45pm every night (just when the TV is getting interesting) as you can imagine we, his temporary carers are not amused at this  therefore we have tried to encourage him to take up line dancing or maybe a weekly visit to THE SHED formerly known as The Floral Hall for a spot of disco dancing, although we think going for a jog would also be beneficial, but we are very worried about all the dogs ,cats, goats, chickens, donkeys, birds, owls and sheep that may be laying in wait for any tasty little morsel passing by on his nightly run.  His taste in fashion is very simple he loves wearing real fur coats, (but as his temporary carers we have had to sign a pre adoption clause not to reveal this to the media) obviously anyone reading this on the website would have to keep sctumm!!!!
He has asked us to find out if anyone knows of a teeny tiny boutique where he could purchase some sunglasses, flip flops, speedos, sweatbands, beach towels, passports, itsy bitsy buckets and spades, portable CD player, portable barbecue (mmm he loves sunflower seed kebabs). Obviously he needs cases to put all this in when he travels abroad as well, He is currently on an intensive, learn Australian in 2 weeks course, guess where he wants to go to?

Anyone wanting to get to know pickles please get in touch with

Best wishes
Janette and Mike Bolder

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