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Pet's Corner

We would love photos of your pets.
We have a very flexible definition of 'pets', cows, geese, anything you like.
Send a photo that is 400 x 300 pixels or larger.
Also, if you want, send your pet's life story which we can add as a link as on Scruffy.


Jack and Molly very keen for their walk! (Norman and Carol Wilkie)

Harvey aged 16 (and a very nice hyacynth) - Deborah Sutcliffe
To the left is O'Malley the cat and above is Oliver the dog (looking seasonal).

Lucy Wrightson

Katie, all the way from Ohio via Kansas - a much travelled cat, aged about 15 (Paul Boyle and Karen Brown)

Great friends - Polly the goat and Cody the horse (Margaret Beales)

Sauve Bertie preparing for a garden party - June 2014 (Sue and Jeff Robinson)


Mittens - Kate Park (Aged 13)


Three Americans - Karen Brown (Ohio), Slinky (Texas, Pat and  Brian Pye) and Dory (Kansas, Paul Boyle and Karen Brown) - Aug 2013

Jake - Amy Sherman (aged 6 months - June 2011)

The Dog - Hubert Harsley (1911)
  Click here and Click here to see full photos.

Tara, Ali, Nellie, Hector and Silas - Nicola Harvey

Hector and Silas - Nicola Harvey

Dora, deceased 29th Mar 2010 aged 20 years and 
Tinker, deceased 5th Nov 2009 aged 16 years - Paul Boyle
Dora's Memoirs

Slinky, Aged 8 - Pat and Brian Pye

Scruffy, Aged 4 - Carl and Jacinta Murray

Click here for Scuffy's Blog

Ralph, Aged 4 and Mabel, Aged 2 - Robert and Julia Beevers

Click here for Julia's website

Esta, Aged 3 years - Robert and Julia Beevers

Click here for Julia's website

Rosie, Aged 3 years - Robert and Julia Beevers

Cynthia, Aged 3 years - Robert and Julia Beevers

Peggy, Aged 7 - Kath Garnham

Nipper - Kath Garnham

Sally, Aged 5 years - Joyce and Charles Sharp

Suzie, when aged 9 weeks - Joyce and Charles Sharp
(Now 1 year)

Neo - Charlie Young

Oscar, Indy and Purdy (deceased - 5th Feb 2010) aged 15  - Julianne and Mike Ashton

Jarvis - Kate, Richard, Tom, Edward and Verity Park-Poulson

Baldrick the "oven ready" battery hen - April 2008
 rescued by Mike Soper and Dawn Dickinson

Baldrick the "free range" hen with feathers - June 2008

"Falcon" Sid (in The Falcon) - Sarah and Mike Phillips

Mork, aged 4 - Julia and Chris Moulds

Mork and Dumbo, aged 10 - Julia and Chris Moulds

Mork and Dumbo, aged 10 - Julia and Chris Moulds

Fairy - with Brian outside The Falcon

Barney the parrot - Andrea

Lucy the lamb with Pooch the dog - Andrea

Pickles the Russian Racing Hamster - Janette and Mike Bolder

Pickles Plight

Wilbur, Deceased - Frank and Ann

Bertie - Jeff and Sue Robinson

Chesny (with Slinky) - Pat and John Beddard

Muffit - Bev Rutherford

Sid - Katie, Wendy and Gregg Simpson

Maddy - Siobahn, John, Michelle and Natalie

William - Siobahn, John, Michelle and Natalie

Daisy, Aged 8, Ellie, Aged 5 and Jessie, Aged 13
Nicola and Ian Brown
Nick - Nicola and Ian Brown Precious - Nicola and Ian Brown
Floyd, Aged 12 - Nicola and Ian Brown Rosie (Floyd's sister), Aged 12 - Nicola and Ian Brown
Rosie - John and Mid Moulds Milo - John Sherman

Esta's puppies - June 2010 - Julia and Robert Beevers Beep and Amber -Chris and Julia Wrightson
Betsy and Jenny - Alan and Margaret Fawcett Spiky (aged 18) - Alan and Margaret Fawcett
Daisy - Alan and Margaret Fawcett Tinkerbell - Alan and Margaret Fawcett

Lara - Elaine and Matthew Grove

Spot - Elaine and Matthew Grove

Tigger - the office cat - Elaine and Matthew Grove

Peggy (lying down) and Nipper - Kath Garnham