Withernwick School c1921
The two girls at the right hand end of the front row are
Mabel Barker (Terry Ireland's mum) and Lottie Barker (his aunt). {This information from Terry Ireland}
On the front row the girl third from left is Barbara Graham (mother of Andrew Milestone), next to her is her brother George Graham. 
On the back row second from the teacher is another brother Charles Graham, 
to his left is we believe Cedric Harsley (still with us aged 95 and still cycles! and two of his relatives sadly appear on the war memorial), 
to his left in another brother Cecil S Graham
{this information about the Grahams etc is from Andrew Milestone, 
also Cecil S Graham was killed in WW2 and his name appears on the Withernwick war memorial - click on his name to see a later photograph}
The teacher is Clara Wright, the wife of Ernest Colton Wright, the school headmaster.
A long time ago, but does any one know anymore about this photograph?

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