Withernwick Grange c 1890

Sadly a rather poor quality photograph of a
very evocative scene.

The farm was run then and for a long time by the
Welford family, so we can guess that the people
in the photo are Welfords and their servant / labourers.

The haystacks are certainly a work of art,
locally these are known as pikes.

Below is the census details for
Withernwick Grange in 1891.
It is quite probable that it is Jane Welford on
 the horse and one of her brothers next to the horse.



Name Status Gender Age Year of Birth Profession Place of Birth
Welford, George Head M 45 1846 Farmer Newton, Yorkshire
Welford, Ann Wife F 35 1856   Newton, Yorkshire
Welford, James Son M 9 1882   Withernwick
Welford, John Son M 2 1889   Withernwick
Welford, Ralf Son M 1 1890   Withernwick
Welford, Jane Daughter F 4 1887   Withernwick
Raw, Jane Servant F 26 1865 Servant Amica House, Yorkshire ?
Ray, Florence Servant F 14 1887 Servant Ellerby
Roberson, William Servant M 21 1870 Servant Maccleby, Yorkshire?
Cassemis, John Servant M 19 1872 Servant Ellerby
Noble, John Servant M 19 1872 Servant Grosmont, Yorkshire
Cheesy, Edward Servant M 13 1878 Servant Unknown

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