The Family Tree of the Braimbridge and Stephenson Families of Withenwick
We do not have any photographs of the Braimbridge or Stephenson families as mostly it represents a time before cameras,
it would be good if anyone could send photos of the later Braimbridge's.
But all except William Stephenson (born in Aldbrough) were born in Withernwick.
Also via the line from Mary Lowson to John Lowson, this tree links into that of the Lowson family - click here.
Edward Braimbridge (1836 - 1920) did lay one of the foundation stones of the Wesleyan Chapel - click here.
Click here to see 1841 census details of the Braimbridge family. Both Joseph and James Braimbridge (probably brothers) were joiners.
Click here to see more details of the children of Joseph Braimbridge (b 1798) (Thanks to Diane Miell, a decendant of Joseph)
This is to help with the people mentioned on the website and is not an exhaustive tree.

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