The Foundation Stones of the Wesleyan Chapel, Main Street, Withernwick

The names on the foundation stones of the Wesleyan Chapel are very interesting. They were laid in 1914 when the chapel was rebuilt.
Many of the people were from Withernwick, but some are from Hornsea, one from Ganstead and one from Hull. This shows the extent
to which people moved around in the days before cars were is common usage.
An aspect of the names which would offend our modern day sensibilities is that women are referred to as Mrs Fred Smith,
the descriptions are for the actual name of the woman, but to reflect the year of 1914, their husbands are also described.
    If a name is underlined, it is an hyperlink to a photograph of the person.
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A view of the chapel - August 2010

A closer view of the foundation stones - August 2010

Maria Pattinson - aged 38 - Withernwick.
Wife of Walter Pattinson, tailor.

John Kearry - died 1908 aged 71 - Withernwick.

Robert H Webster - aged 66  - Easington.
Son of Barrington Webster, born in Withernwick.
Founded and ran a shop in Easington.


Ida M Richardson - aged 69 - Ganstead.
Wife of William H Richardson, glass merchant.


Elizabeth Haller - aged 59 - Hornsea.
Wife of George R Haller, steamship owner, Hull.


Christopher W Barrett - aged 75 - ? (his wife Rebecca was from Aldbrough).
He was a provision merchant in Ottringham.


Arthur R Loten - aged 64 - Hornsea
He was a chemist in Hornsea.


Ester Ellen Ferens - aged 77 - Hull.
Wife of Thomas R Ferens, director of a starch manufacturing company.


Probably Edward Braimbridge - aged 77 - Leeds (in 1911).
Edward was born in Withernwick in 1836, he was an insurance superintenent,
which is probably what took him to Leeds. Maybe he was back locally in 1914.
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Charlotte Frances Haller - aged 53 - Hornsea.
Wife of Alfred Samuel Haller, Managing director of a shipping company.


Elizabeth (Lizzie) Watson - aged 11 - Withernwick.
Daughter of Richard and Mary Watson of Church Lane.


Annie Elizabeth Harsley -  aged  57 - Withernwick
Wife of
James Webster Harsley  
Boot maker of Church Lane, Withernwick.

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