The Fisher Family of Lynton Terrace
The Fisher family were very extensive, many lived at
Glebe Farm on Cowden Lane (Click here). They are all descended from
John and Rebecca Fisher (click here to see a full family tree). They had sons, George (b 1856) which gave rise to the Glebe Farm branch and John (b 1861) that lead to this branch. John had a son called James (1 2) and two daugthers Lavinia (see below) and Emma. John - lived to be a good age (1861-1945), he and his wife, Emma, lived next door in Lynton Terrace.
James married Madelaine Spriggs (1) and they had seven children, these photos are of them.  Click here to see a tree of  James' family.
The children are Owen, Sheila, John, George, Victoria, Victor and Valerie.
Click here to see a photo of Owen and his wife Doreen on their wedding  day.


Valerie and her Mum Madelaine (Daisy) 1950's

Victor and Valeria c 1948

Valerie and Owen on Valerie's wedding day in March 1960

Lavinia Fisher, John and Doris Spriggs (Madelaine's sister)
at Valeries's wedding 1960

Valerie, Victor with village friend Eva Brumpton and his son Mark
outside 2 Lynton Terrace c 1965

Valerie's wedding - March 1961 - St Alban's Church.
l-r Joan Spowage, Neville Dickinson (best man), Anita Fisher in fron of Elsie Spowage, James Spowage behind Barry Spowage
Valerie Spowage (Fisher), Doris Spriggs, Alice Jennison, and Owen Fisher.

Valerie and Barry's reception in the Village Hall - 1961
Rev George Hewson making a speech.

Barry Spowage making a speech.
Head table l-r Alice Jennison, Neville ?, Barry Spowage, Valerie Fisher, Owen Fisher, Anita Fisher, Joan Perrins.
Middle foreground - l-r - George Fisher, Sheila Fisher and Victor Fisher.