Harry Fisher - The Adventurous Life of a Withernwick Boy 

The above photograph is very special as it shows Harry, Lilian (his wife), Sydney (standing), Julia Mollie and Alan on 26th March 1927.
It is just as they have arrived in Albany, Western Australia after, no doubt, a very long journey from Withernwick.
The above photo shows the three children in Bunbury , Western Australia, in 1928 
Julia Mollie, Alan and Sydney
Harry Fisher c 1930 with his son Sydney
Sydney was born in Withernwick
This photo must have been taken in Australia.

Harry Fisher with his sister Rose (Rosamund) c 1950
Harry and Rose were from family of 12 children
This could be Australia or Withernwick.

Harry Fisher with his wife Lilian and daughter-in-law Beryl c 1965
Harry Fisher with daughter Mollie and grand-daughter Susan 1971
Alan Fisher 

Alan was Harry's son and was born in Withernwick
(Julie) Mollie Taylor (ne Fisher)
Mollie was born in Meaux

Harry Fisher was born at Glebe Farm, North End, Withernwick in 1894. The Fisher family was very large, Harry had 12 other brothers and sisters, one Rose (Rosamund) is in the top right photograph; a brother George Fenby was killed in the First World War and hence his name appears on the village War Memorial (click here). To see the 1901 census details for Harry and the rest of the Fisher family - click here. Also see the Genealogy page for photos of Harry's brothers: Alwyn, Arthur and John Robert - click here.
Here is a description of his life after his early life in Withernwick.
Harry Fisher left Liverpool with his wife Lilian and three children, Sydney, Alan and Mollie, on the 11th Frebruary 1927 and was bound for a new life in Western Australia as a part of Group Settlement No 139. They arrived in Albany, Western Australia on the 26th March 1927 and went by train to Demark and then by truck to Hazelvale, inland from the town of Walpole on the south coast. They first worked off the land and lived in Midland, a suburb of Perth; Harry also worked for the Government Railways They then went to Bunbury to live and the children went to school there. They had another child John Alwyn, his second name obviously comes from his Uncle Alwyn Fisher (see the Genealogy page). It seems they moved back to Midland and lived in Boya a suburb of the foothills of Perth. After Lilian died, Harry found it very difficult to settle and he moved house about ten times. Harry died in 1979 aged 85. He'd certainly come a long way and had many an adventure since his childhood in Cowden Lane, Withernwick.

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