The Harvison Family

Ginny Harvison c 1920

Fred Harvison c 1900

Ginny Harvison (nee Harsley) was a sister of Bertha and James Webster Harsley. Click here to see census details.
She was actually called Mary Jane Harsley, and possible Jane or Jainy got altered to Ginny. Click here to see a family tree of the Harsleys.
Ginny married Fred Harvison, a railway worker (for the North Eastern Railway) who lived in Hull, he had been born in Lincolnshire in 1872.
About the time of WW1 they lived in Hull but at some later point, they moved to Withernwick where they lived at no 3 Church Lane, previously the home of Jane Harsley (her mother).
Fred died in 1945 aged 72 and Ginny died in 1956 aged 79; they are buried in St Alban's churchyard.
Billy married Olive and they had two children Valerie and Moira who, as the photos below show were frequent visitors to the village.

Billy Harvison - the son of Fred and Ginny c 1940
He was born in Hull but did live in Withernwick probably from being a teenager.


William Barker with Moira (left) and Valerie Harvison c 1936
These are the daughters of Billy. 
This photo is probably taken in the back of the cottages in Church Lane
where William lived, he was the girl's uncle.
Click here to see William as a younger man.


This photo seems to be taken on the same day as the right hand one above,
In the background is Ginny Harvison.
It is possible that the garden may be at the rear of Lynton Terrace where William also lived when he was older.


Valerie Harvison c 1930

Moira Harvison c 1932

Moira and Valerie at Fenton's Farm - Church Lane c 1930

Fred, Moira, Ginny, Valerie, Olive and two unknown villagers - off to chapel, c 1932

Fred and Ginny Harvison, Church Lane c 1940


Fred and Ginny Harvison with Valerie's fiance Tom Stevenson
by the Summer House, Church Lane c 1940

Olive Harvison (Billy's wife) with Fred and Ginny Harvison, Church Lane c 1940

Olive, Moira, Fred, Valerie and Ginny, Church Lane, c 1936

Valerie and Moira Harvison c 1934

Valerie Harvison at Fenton's Farm c 1934

Valerie and Moira Harvison, Church Lane, c 1930

Fred and Ginny Harvison, Church Lane, c 1945

Valerie, Ginny and Fred Harvison, Church Lane c 1945

The Billy Harvison Band, probably in Hull c 1940

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