The Barker Family of Withernwick
The Barker family lived in Withernwick for a long time, they lived in Church Lane.
The first photograph is of the whole family including Thirza Harsley, Thirza was probably the illegitimate daughter of Bertha and Billy:
when younger she was bought up by Jane Harsley (Bertha's mother), but later joined the Barker family (they lived next door to each other anyway),
click here to see more photos of Thirza. To add to complications, Lily (Lilian) is also known as Harsley
Elsie was also an adopted daughter, later she married Joe Crawforth, click here to see later photos.
Click here to see census details of the Barker and Harsley families.
Lilian married John Robert Brown in 1914, to see later photos of Lilian - click here



The Barker Family c 1906. Probably in the rear garden of 2 Church Lane.
(l-r) Clarence Leslie Barker, William Barker, Lily Barker/Harsley, Bertha Barker holding Elsie Barker (Crawford), William Edward Barker, Thirza Harsley/Barker


Lily and Bertha with Elsie c 1907
Outside their house, 2 Church Lane

Lily Barker and a maid c 1910
In 1911 Lily is working as a maid for a Trigg Family of Hornsea,
maybe this is on her day off.


Bertha Barker and Ken Moxon who Bertha adopted c 1912

William (Billy) Barker c 1915

Billy Barker with Elsie Crawforth c1920

Bertha Barker c 1925

Bertha Barker 1939

Mary Barker - wife of William Edward Barker
Mother of Mabel - c1920

Mary Barker in later life

Mabel Ireland (nee Barker)
(granddaughter of Billy and Bertha) c 1960
Outside the family cottage, the last one in Church Lane before the church. Mabel was the mother of Terry.


Thirsa Southwick outside Tanton Terrace c 1950
By this time Thirza had married Harry Southwick


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