Rebecca Fisher and the Lowson Family  

A photograph of Rebecca Fisher (ne Fenby) 1823 to 1910
Born in North Frodigham but lived most of her life in Withernwick
The photo is probably taken c 1880.

 A photograph of Betsy Lowson (ne Fisher) b 1857
Born in Withernwick, daughter of Rebecca (left photo) and John Fisher
The photo is probably taken in the 1920's when Betsy had moved from the village. She is with a grandchild of surname Beckett.

A photograph (c 1895) of Annie Elizabeth (b 1879) and 
George Fisher Lowson (1880 to 1937)  
Children of Betsy (above) & Richard Lowson. Both were born in Withernwick


A photograph (c 1910) of Mabel (b 1891 in Coniston)(sitting) 
and Annie Elizabeth Lowson (standing) - sisters.
They are working at Humbleton Grange for Mrs Riby Wright.
In the 1911 census Annie Elizabeth is using the surname Wright.


The Fisher family were a large family, later they lived in Cowden Lane.
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It leads to Peggy Boyles who kindly sent all these photographs and all the information.
Both files duplicate details but I have included both, the second one has a lot more detail the first is more concise.

As with other family stories it does show that people were quite mobile, probably moving around for work or marriage. For example Rebecca Fisher came all the way from North Frodingham to marry John Fisher, a Withernwick man. We could guess that John had perhaps been working in North Frodingham and met Rebecca, and then they both moved to Withernwick got married in 1848 and proceeded to live in the village and raise their children.
Also, obviously for work, Annie Elizabeth Lowson is working in Lancashire in 1901, but from the photo above she is back in East Yorkshire by 1910.

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