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Heavy Rain (27th November 2012)

Heavy rain has swept over the UK over the last week. The South West, as often has taken the brunt of the rain but it has even reached us here in relatively dry East Yorshire.
This is probably the worst rain since the deluge of June 2007, so if anyone has any photos of tales please let me know.

Click here to see the photos we have so far


Death of Pat Fagan (2nd November 2012)

Sadly we have to report on Monday 29th October the death Pat Fagan, he was 2 months short of 90 years of age.  I know many of you will remember he was for a long time the local policeman, although based in Aldbrough his beat did include Withernwick.  He was actually born in County Durham in 1922, first he worked making hosiery, then spent the war in the Royal Artillary before becoming joining the police, in which he served for 34 years, finally retiring in 1981. He married during the war and had two children Angela and John. John of course created another link with the village as with his wife Michelle and children Siobhan and Natalie lived in Lorne Terrace for a few years. He was a devote Catholic and there will be a memorial service in Sacred Heart Church in Hornsea at 11am on Tuesday 6th November. All our thoughts and wishes go to John and his family on this very sad and difficult occasion.

Ash Tree Fungus (31st October 2012)

There is a fungus called the Chalara fraxinea fungus that attacks and kills ash trees invading some parts of the UK. The government has belatedly started to put measures in place to stop the fungus spreading. This is potentially a massive problem for the village as the majority of its big trees are ash.
You can see from the photo that the ash has a very open structure which is why it thrives near the sea where the winds can blow through it without causing damage.
I suspect there is nothing we can do except that hope our rather isolated postion means that the fungus doesn't get to us. It is difficult to imagine the alternative - a village with no big trees.

Yorkshire Day 1st August 2012 (27th July 2012)
Celebrate Yorkshire Day on Wednesday 1st August in the Falcon. 2.30-4pm 1 entry, all proceeds to Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The event is hosted by Withernwick Ladies Group. There will be afternoon tea, a produce stall, table top sale and a raffle. Donations of produce, bric-a-brac and raffle prizes will be greatly appreciated, please give them to Christine Humphries or Pat Beddard.
Come along and some fun - help us celebrate Yorkshire Day

Contact Details for Windfarm
(7th July 2012)

Blackwell, the company overlooking the construction of the windfarm, have given us contact details if you have any concerns or thoughts about the project.

Careline: 07876 088 704

Blackwell are also keen to offer help to village such as organising a litter picking event. They will publish more news of this soon.

Latest photos - Click here

Cleaner Required at Windfarm
(22nd May 2012)

When work starts at the windfarm which will be soon, they will require a cleaner. The approximate hours will be 20 hours per week and the pay will be 5.93 per hour. All cleaning equipment, materials and consummerbles will be provided. if you are interested please contact Phil Holden at (Position filled)

C A Blackwell (Contracts) Ltd 7 Appleton Court, Calder Park Wakefield, West Yorks, WF2 7AR
Office: 01924 250132
Mobile: 07748 760821

Make it Shine Special School
(8th May 2012)

Villagers Julia Beevers and Julie Sherman are part of a committee that has been set up to campaign for a special needs school to set up and built in the East Riding. The school will be called Make it Shine a name that was chosen by the pupils of Aldbrough Primary school. Last week's quiz in the Falcon was in aid of this worthwhile cause and there will be a charity auction in the Wrygarth Inn on Saturday 16th May, so please go along and support. If you want to know more please contact Chairperson Hazel Cockill on 07936 275340. To read more about Make it Shine click here to read the article from the Holderness Gazette.
Paul Arnett Humber Bridge Abseil
(1st May 2012)

On Sunday 27th May Paul Arnett will be abseiling down the side of the Humber Bridge to raise money for the Daisy Appeal which is raising money to help buy a scanner to help with early detection of cancer. So pease help support Paul in this highly worthwhile cause. You can give money directly to Paul or Joanne or you can donate via Paul's Just Giving page -
For more information on the abseiling event which is also supporting Dovehouse and the RNLI visit the Humber bridge website - Click here

Paul completed the abseil, click here to see photos - he raised 250 in the process, well done! He would like to thank all those who donated money.

Wind Turbines
(23rd April 2012)
Construction of the Wind Turbines is due to start this month, click here to read about the latest construction details. If all goes to plan then the farm should be fully operational by June 2013. The larger items will be delivered to the site via the coast road and will not pass through the village,  normal size vehicles connected with the construction may use the village. We did mostly object to the turbines at the planning stage but that is water under the bridge now. It would be good if as many people can take photos of the progress of the construction and send them in for the website. 

Shed Fire
(21st April 2012)

A little bit of drama occurred today as there was a shed fire behind Lorne Terrace. The blaze was quite severe and requred the attendance of one fire engine.

The fire was soon brought under control and fortunately no damage was done to any of the nearby houses.

Thanks must be given to the fire brigade for their prompt, efficient and courteous service.

School Building Sold
(18th April 2012)


After being empty and unused since 2004, it is good news to know that the former village school building as been sold. 
Estate agents Dee Atkinson have confirmed this although it is not sure what the selling price was, it was on the for offers in excess of 100000.

It is to be hoped this means the building will recieve a new lease of life and cease to be the eyesore it was fast becoming,
Amy in the Gold Challenge
(15th April 2012)
On the 1st April, Amy Sherman, as described in the article below, ran in the Gold Challenge at the new Olympic Stadium. Amy completed the 100m run in a creditable 29.4 seconds. Pat Beddard won the sweepstake with the exact time, quite remarkable!
Pat wins an HD TV for her wonderful guess.
In the process, Amy collected 430 for the charity Scope, so a big thank you to everyone who contributed towards that fantastic total and, of course, well done Amy.

Drought in Withernwick
(3rd April 2012)
For the third or fourth year running the Spring in East Yorkshire has been very dry. This is the worst time of the year to be short of water, the gardens are coming to life and the crops are growing and all need water. The forecast for this week is rain but we all know that the weather in Withernwick is unprdictable it can even be so different to Hull (where the widget on the homepage is based). We need some substantial rain not just a bit of drizzle or a short shower. Perhaps we should create a Withernwick Rain Dance, could be a Youtube hit, any suggestions!    
Let us hope anyway for rain soon, it could be far worse than a hosepipe ban. Do let me know if it rains, however weird it may seem to be celebrating rain rather than cursing it.

Support Amy Sherman in the Gold Challenge
(9th March 2012)

On the 1st April Amy Sherman will be running the 100m in the Olyimpic Stadium on the very course that Usain Bolt will be performing on in the summer. 
This is part of the Gold Challenge - click here to go to the Gold Challenge website.

You can support Amy by having a go at the "Guess the Time" sweepstake in the Falcon, simply guess how long you think it will take Amy to complete the 100m.

All proceeds will go to Scope.

Village Summer Trips (8th March 2012)

As last year's trip to Beamish was such a success we are proposing to organize another one this summer. Suggestions so far are:- The Royal Armouries Leeds , North Yorkshire Railways and Conkers in Leicestershire.  If anyone is interested in any of the above or have other suggestions please contact Mike Soper 529093, Sue Voase 527314 or Julia Beevers at Blondies Hair Salon.  
For this and the Fete, you can contact me and I will pass it on.
Village Fete Cancelled
(8th March 2012)
Sadly the Village Fete that was due to take place on Sunday 24th June has been cancelled. A statement from the Village Community Association reads:
Village Fete
The Committee have decided not to go ahead with a Village Fete this year, this is due to lack of support from the village with the organizing of the event and help on the day.  If anyone is willing to take over the organizing of the Fete please contact Mike Soper on 529093.

Sunday School Sold
(2nd March 2012)

The Sunday School has been sold subject to contract. It has been for sale by informal tender with Quick and Clarke with a guide price of 30000. It is not known what the value was accepted or who the buyer is. It is presently the only public meeting place for the village and so it is to be hoped that will continue to provide that service at least until the village does gain a new and purpose built village hall.

Click here to read Quick and Clarke's description.


Email hacking (16th Feb 2012)

I know a lot of the emails addresses of people in the village and I never divulge them. I have however come across three cases in the village, in recent times, of people having their email accounts hacked into. The last (today) being Mid Moulds, so if you do get an email supposedly off her pleading for money, please ignore it. This is usually how to spot if an email, of somebody you know, has been hacked into, they will either be asking for money or inviting you to click on a link (that usually takes you to a virus, so do not click on such a link).  
All three of the above emails were BT/Yahoo accounts, I am not suggesting that they are more susceptible to hacking, it is probably just that is the commonest provider in the village. In order to avoid your account being hacked into, DO NOT allow the computer to save your password, sign in afresh and log out each time. It is a bit of chore but well worth the effort. Do this also for any other websites that you use such as Amazon or Ebay. Your computer saves passwords in things called cookies and sadly it is easy to access other people's computers and then these cookies can be read. If you remember the website was hacked into and so I don't save the access password to that any longer.
Please be safe, I recognise hacked emails and I don't want to get anymore!
30000 Hits (17th Jan 2012)
The website reached yet another milestone of 30000 hits, it has taken just over 3 years to achieve this which is a remarkable rate for village of 450 people. The website is going to be a legacy to future generations of Withernwick people, but I hope the next 10000 hits will involve more proactive help. Although the past aspect is still thriving, we do need the present aspect to be more lively. So please help and make the next 10000 hits the most productive yet.

Autumn Photo Competition (7th Jan 2012)
Sorry it has taken a little while to judge the competition, I was delayed by travelling and settling back in and also I had to buy a new computer and set it up. The competition was judged by Lewis Chapman an art teacher at Kuwait English School and he decided the winner was Dawn Dickinson's photo of Two Pheasants. 
Click here to see all the entries.




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