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Latest News

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Theft from Whitedale Farm (9th September 2017)

One thing we all love Withernwick for is the lack of crime in the village which makes us all feel safe and secure.
Sadly recently Whitedale Farm on Beverley Road was broken into and a Mitsubishi L200 pickup was stolen. Many of the outbuildings were also broken into but nothing else was taken. The L200 is black and has a distinctive registration number of J 555 JBH, so if anyone can help please ring the Police. 

We certainly don't want to see any crime in the village, so please, everyone, keep vigilant for anything suspicious.
The Phantom Pebble Painter of
Witherwick (6th September 2017)

On the 4th September 2017 and series of mysterious pebble appeared at various locations around the village. The 'culprit' did not make themselves apparent and we may never know who was responsible. 
The only possibility comes from the fact that Aldbrough have a pebble Facebook page called Aldbroughrocks, you can check it out. 

To see photos of the pebbles around Withernwick - click here.

Falcon For Sale (1st September 2017)

It is probably common knowledge that the Falcon is up for sale - click here.

As far as we know the lease, currently run by Will Clappison will be unaffected but we do not know for sure. The price is £269500 but the lease is also available. As Will has shown, the pub van be very succesful and we should certainly praise Will for his efforts. We must also that Andy Heuck for his efforts with the pub, without him it may well not now exist. It is only to be hoped that it is not sold to a company like Enterprize Inns who made a complete mess of the pub in the time they owned.

House Sales in Withernwick
(20th June 2017)

House sales in the UK in general, icluding London are very slow, indeed the rate is falling. So Withernwick seems to be bucking that trend. There have been quite a few house for sale this year (2017) but most have sold very quickly and for good prices. There are now only a couple of houses left for sale. What would be the reasons for this? We have no shop or school but the Falcon is successful. The village is pretty well crime free and, as we all know, very friendly. We're not suggesting you rush off to the estate agent, but it is reassuring to know, that for whatever reasons the village seems to be a popular place to move to.

Beeford Children's Centre
(24th May 2017)

It is a bit of a trip to Beeford but it may well be worth it for the Beeford Children's 
centre. Over the Summer they will be putting on a whole range of activities.
They also put on events in more locail places.
Click here to see a timetable of events at Beeford Children's Centre.
Click here to read a EYRC leaflet of Childen's Centres.
Click here to read a EYRC on The Family Information Service Hub.

Withernwick Clay Pigeon Shoot 2017
(24th May 2017)

The Withernwick Clay Shoot is back again this year by popular demand (8th July). Last year's event was a great success, a lot of fun on the day and also managing to raise £1222 which went towards therepairs of St Alban's church roof. Proceeds this year will be shared between the Hornsea Inshore Rescue and St Alban's Church roof fund.

It will be a popular event and places are limited so please book as early as you can so as not to be disappointed. If you go to the event or not, it will continue afterwards in The Falcon where there will be a special menu at only £6 per person. 

Click here for more details.

Will Clappison Takes Over Falcon Lease (13th march 2017)

Will Clappison, who was previously the manager of the Falcon has now taken over the lease. This will give him much more scope in what he will be able to do. One big change already is that the food has changed, it is now a more traditional pub style. The food, of course, will still be of a very high standard. We can be sure the village will support Will who has certainly proved to be a very popular landlord.

For more details vist the Falcon page of the website

Windfarm Extension - Planning Permission Granted (20th December 2016)

The application by Energie Kontor for four new tubines off Cowden Lane has been granted by the public appeal organized by the Central Government Planning Inspectorate. Obviously many of the villagers will not be happy about this, although this will be ameliorated to some extent by the fact that we have been promised quite a bit more money for community projects. It does however make one wonder about democracy when, as with the original application, it was refused by the local governement and passed by the central government. Oh well it is now a done-deal and if you really want to read about it click here for the full 28 page report full of much legal gobbledegook.

Santa's Sleigh Ride
(20th December 2016)

On Saturday 17th December the Village Communnity Association organized a Santa sleigh ride around the village. It Started at the Bird Centre on Aldbrough Road at 6.30pm and ended up at the Falcon at 7.30pm for mince pies and mulled wine. Then sleigh was supplied by Hornsea Carnival, it was followed by 50 or more adults and children. Santa and his elves handed out sweeets and collected money, in total £106 was collected and equally divided between Hornsea Carnival and the Village Association (which just about covered their costs. Also a hamper was given to the best Christmas lights. The event was certainly a great success and one we may well try again.

St Alban's Church Receives a £99 500 Grant for Roof Repairs
(19th September 2016)
This good news was announced in the August newsletter from St Alban's (transcript below). The locals have been working hard to raise funds but this should enable work to take place.

St Alban's Church in Withernwick will benefit from £99,500 to address ' urgent roof repairs. St Alban's PCC successfully applied for the grant through the Government-funded Listed Places of Worship: Roof Repair Fund. The present roof of St Alban's Church was constructed as part of the rebuild of the church in the 1850's. It is now in a very poor state and having a detrimental effect upon the interior. Parishioners have been working extremely hard to raise funds for the repair of the roof themselves. However, it was clear that to raise in excess of the  £100,000 needed to effect a repair was going to be a challenge for this small but enthusiastic community. So an application was made to the Government-funded Listed Places of Worship: Roof Repair Fund. The opportune and exciting announcement of this successful application means that the PCC are now in a position to address the ugent repairs. The PCC and parishioners a; thrilled to have received this grant. We believe that it marks the beginning of the realisation of a long-term vision within the village of Withernwick to develop the church as a community resource for many different groups. This money is part of a wider funding package of f22.9million to 401 historic places of worship across the UK. The fund was launched bv the chancellor in his Autumn Statement in December 2014 and the funding package has now seen a total of 903 places of worship across the UK receive a share of £55miliion. The Fund is administered by the National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF) on behalf of the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS).


Hogfest Takings/Ideas for Next Year (16th September 2016)

Our Hogfest this year was another great success. We took a total of £1274.50 (£70 more than last year). About 100 paying guests attended plus we had about 30 band members etc. After allowing for costs (hog roast etc) we actually made a £6 loss, which we feel was quite acceptable. We did also get a £500 grant from the Windfarm Fund.
Although the event was successful, we would like to run it again next year and, if possible make it even better. So let us know what you thought of the acts and about the food - leave the food as it is, a different bought in food or maybe simply bring your own (obviously with a cheaper ticket) - do let us know.

Wind Turbines Appeal (16th September 2016)

As you have probably heard, EnergieKontor have taken theie application for the erection of four more turbines off Cowden Lane to appeal.  The appeal will take place at County Hall in Beverley on 6th October (time to be confirmed). The original application was rejected after objections from villagers, Withernwick Parish Council and ERYC, also the government now seems to favour offshore turbines. If we wish to get the appeal thrown out to we do need to get our voice heard. So if you can attend the appeal or help in any way please contact Andy by email - Ash@heronfoods.com or phone him on 07831513396.

New Business Opens in Withernwick (16th September 2016)

We don't have many businesses in Withernwick so it is very nice to see a new one opening. The Bird Centre has opened in the former Cherry Tree Furniture factory on Aldbrough Road. It does seel a lot more that the name suggests. There are foods for dogs, cats, domestic birds, wild birds, poultey and rodents. You can indeed buy yourself a budgie or canary and also a rabbit or guinea pig. There is hay in bales or a very good line in 8x4 plywood sheets. All prices are very competitive and so you souldn't need to visit the far distant supermarket when you can shop for all your pet needs so locally. We do also have to thank owner Alvin for turning an eyesore into an asset for the village. Do make a visit, it should turn out to be most worthwhile. He will however deliver free to local villages and if he doesn't have what you want, ask him and he will try to stock it in future.
Click here to see some photos of the Bird Centre.

Withernwick Clay Pigeon Shoot raises £1222 (25th August 2016)

The Clay Pigeon Shoot was undoubtedly a great success and, Mike Philips, who organised the event has sent the following message. Click here to see some photos of (after) the event.

The 13th of August saw the return from many years past, The Withernwick Clay Shoot.

The day was blessed with fine weather, fine people and lots of bangs to be had by all both young and old.  
A total of 54 people entered into the competition on the day all aiming for the prizes of £100, £50 & £25 respective, £50 for the re-entry and £60 the fast and furious 100 clay Flush.

1st prize with a huge sore of 26 from 30 goes to Paul Peacock (pictured being presented with the Housecroft Cup)

2nd prize with a very impressive close score of 25 from 30 went to our very own villager, Kat from West Lambwath Rd, Very Well done Kat J

3rd prize with 24, Andy Loving


Following the day at the ground, most people did follow the aged tradition and retired to The Falcon for a well-deserved Pie and a Pint or three.

The truly fantastic day all in aid of the urgently needed repairs to St Albans Church raised £1222 and was carefully handed over to Anne Wood during the service on Sunday 21st. 

I would like to thank all of the sponsors:-

The Falcon Inn, Hatfield Croft Nursery’s, Blondies Hair Salon, Warren Dawson Decorator, Arnott Drainage, The Frying Farmer & Westlands Hay and Haylage Supplies for their generosity. 

More than all, I would really like to thank for all of their hard work the team of very special villagers/ and friends who actually made this happen on the day – I'm not naming any names, but you know who you are? 

This will return to being an annual event, so keep a close eye out for June/July next year and hope to see you there.

Mike Phillips

Withernwick Clay Pigeon Shoot
(26th July 2016)

Many years ago there was a regular clay pigoen shoot held in the village, indeed on local fields. Sadly health and safety doesn't allow that any more. However, this summer on Saturday 13th August 2016 the Withernwick Clay Pigeon shoot will return. It will be held at Humberside Shooting Ground in Brandesburton from 12 midday until 4pm that day. There are variously priced options but all are selling fast, so click here for more details. We are sure this will prove to be a great fun event.

Death of Philip Clappison
(8th July 2016)

Sadly we have to report the death of Philip Clappison who many of you will remember. He died late last week and was buried alongside other family members at Marton Church on 7th July. Philip was born in Withernwick at North End Farm, Cowden Lane in 1926, his parents were Fred and Jane Clappison. Philip followed his father by farming at North End Farm. He would have had to work hard in days before modern technology, they worked with cattle and some arable farming. After retiring he sold North End Farm and moved to Hatfield. The photo on the left was taken in 2010 and shows him with his sister Josie who died a year or so after this photo was taken. Click here to see a larger version of that photo. Click here to see photos of Philip as a boy and young man. Philip was certainly a character and we must doubt we will see many like him again in the village.

Bus Number 241 Under Threat of Closure
(4th July 2016)

The provision of bus services to the village, as we all know are poor. It is a bit of a viscious circle, becuase the service is poor, we all tend to use our cars which then means that the buses are under used. The 241 service which travels from Aldbrough to Beverley is under threat of closure, indeed if this closure goes ahead the service will cease on 1st April 2017. If you are a user of this service and it matters to you, you will need to register your comments. More details can be found on the following documents.

Click here to read the full consultation docuement

Click here to read particular details of service 241.

Hogfest 16 - Tickets Now Available
(18th June 2016)

Tickets are now available for Hogfestr 16. They are cheaper if you buy them in advance - £13 for adults and £6 for children, (they will be £15 and £8 if you wait to buy them on the gate. You can purchase tickets by contacting Paul via the website - click here or by phone on 527420. I will deliver the tickets to your door or post them for a small charge if you are coming from afar. Or you can still purchase them via the EventBrite website - click here but there will be a small booking fee.
Last year's event was a great success and we are confident this year's event will be even better. We do have some very talented acts for you and again the food should be very good. So please do book early, we do have a limit on the numbers we can accommodate. 

Food Returns to the Falcon
(9th June 2016)

The Falcon is once again serving food. The times as yet are not confirmed so please ring if you are travelling from a distance. It will be Wednesday to Saturday evenings and Sunday lunchtime. So far the reports are good, well cooked and tasy food, we will let you know more about the menu as we get to know. The things is to go along and try it out, we are sure you will not be disappointed. Oh and the beer is being very well kept, Tetley's and Landlord so far but a promise of more.

The Falcon does have a new website - click here.

Hogfest 2016
(29th May 2016)

Following on from last year's highly successful Hogfest (click here to see photos), we will again be holding the event. It will this time be on Saturday 6th August from 5.30 pm, again it will be held on the playing fields on Aldbrough Road. Bands will start form 6pm, some will be as last year plus some new ones. The food, again provided by Hot Trotters will be served from 7pm.
Tickets can be bought in advance for £13 (adult) and £6 (child); these can be purchased by conatcting me on 527420 or going to EventBrite - click here. On the gate the tickets will be slightly more expensive at £15 and £8.
We will give you more details before the event.
If you are interested in playing at the event, please Contact Us.

Street Party for Queen's Birthday
(29th May 2016)

As you probably all know our wonderfully dedicated Queen is 90 years old this year and thankfully still going strong. We are planning to celebrate this notable event on Saturday 11th June with a 'Street Party'. This will take place in the Falcon car park from 2-4pm on theaat day. Click on the photo on the left and it will take you to some photos of the last such event we had in 2012 for the Queen's Jubilee.
Bring along your own 'finger' food and drinks, but the Falcon will be open too. We will provide paper plate and tables. Please come along and help make this celebration a success.

The Falcon Reopens
(9th April 2016)

Sadly Richard and Lindsey Johns have moved onto a new adventure in York, we should all thank them for their efforts over the last year and a half and wish them all the best for their future. Their last night was a week ago on 2nd April 2016. But the Falcon goes on too. Last night (8th April) it reopened with a new manager - Will Clappison. Will previously worked at Bert's Bistro in Brandsburton. The Falcon was reopening was enthusiastically attended by many locals and also many new faces who will hopefully continue to visit us. There is no food at present, but that will hopefully happen very soon and we will let you know when it does. Click here to check out new opening times. Click here to see some photos from the opening night.

Help Helen Stackdale Raise Money for Dovehouse
(3rd March 2016)

Those of us that know Helen will know that this is not the first time she has done something like this to raise money for charity. This year she is doing the China Trek 2017 which will involve walking along the Great Wall of China. 
Obviously this will be a fantastic adventure and opportunity for Helen , but also she would like to raise £3500 for Dovehouse. So please help out with whatever you can afford. 
Click here to dontate.

Demolition of the Village Hall (1st March 2016)

Our village hall which has stood for over 80 years was finally demolished today. It was in use for about 70 years but has been left derelict for the last 10 years or so. Indeed it had become an eyesore and a haven for rats. It is in many ways a shame to see it go, so many villagers will have fond memories of events there. the site has been cleared but it is not sure what will happen to it, it may well be a few years before we get another village hall. Click here to see some photos of the demolition.

Visit of John Sentamu - Archbishop of York
(13th Feb 2016)

John Sentamu, Archbishop of York arrived in Withernwick at 4pm on Friday 12th February. This visit is part of a pilgimage he is making around his diocese. Around 20 people turned up at St Alban's church to meet him. Fortunately it was a bright and sunny day even though rather cold, so he did go for a walk around the village this included a stop at Doreen Dunn's house. On returning to St Alban's church, he lead a service, there were some photos taken after this service - click here to see them.  

Visit of John Sentamu - Archbishop of York
(1st Feb 2016)

In what should prove to be a historic event for the village, John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York  will be visiting Withernwick on Friday 12th February. He is the second most important cleric in the Church of England after the Archbishop of Canterbury. Obviously he will be visiting St Alban's church but he will also be taking a walk around the village. He should arrive about 4pm and is due to lead a service "Pilgrimage Prayers" in St Alban's at 5pm, so he should be around the village from 4-5pm. We would like as many people as possible to be around and about to meet him and make him feel welcome.

Bags2School and Christmas Fair (10th Dec 2015)
The Chritmsa Fair, organised by the Withernwick Community Association was held in the Falcon car park on Saturday 5th December. The event was very successful despite the exceedingly windy weather and a healthy total of £310 was made which will go towards future village events and facilities. Click here to see photos of the event.
St Alban's Church with help from Julia Beevers and Blondies collected an amazing 353 kg (over a third of a ton) of bags of clothes for the Bags2School collection. This in turn raised a total of £141.40, which will go towards the restoration of St Alban's Church.
Both the Village Associationa and the members of St Alban's Church would like to thank everyone helped to raise the above money. 


The Falcon in the Michelin Good Pub Food Guide for 2016
(6th Nov 2015)

After being placed in the top 50 pubs for food in the Good Food Guide - Pubs, these has new been another well deserved commendation for the Falcon. Now it has an entry in the Michelin Eating Out in Pubs guide for 2016. There are only 590 pubs, in the guide for the whole of the UK and Ireland and, more importantly, only four pubs in Yorkshire.
This another reward for the hard work that Richard and Lindsey have put in just about one year now. It is also an acknowledgement of the undoubted skills they have bought to the pub. 

We should all be very proud that our village has been so firmly put on the national map!

Click here to read the actual entry.

St Alban's Church Needs Our Help (12th Oct 2015)

St Alban's church is an essential part of our community - for all of us! It is in great need of repairs which may well total up to around £300,000, mainly for repairs to the roof. No doubt some of the money will come from grants from various bodies but it is essetial that we all show willing too. It doens't matter if you are a chuch goer or not, it is incumbent on us all to help. Indeed it is our only meeting place at present and that situation is likely to remain for some time; some of the money would go towards creating a better meeting area.

One money rasing idea is to collect bags of clothes etc - click here for more details.

The bags will be collected and money given to them by a charitable organisation called 

Bags2school, to find out more about them, visit their website www.bags2school.com (not .co.uk as it says in the above leaflet. No doubt we all have clothes, shoes etc that we no longer use or have grown out of, so bag them up ready for the collection day on 7th December 2015.
We all need to help to maintain OUR church.

Rathlin's New Application for West Newton (6th Oct 2015)

Rathlin have submitted a new application to drill at the West Newton site to East Riding Council. It is inevitably a very complex application and if you really want to examine the whole thing then please click here. There is a non-technical summary available which is somewhat more readable - click here. There is, as you might guess, no use of the word fracking and, as before, they seem to stress the conventional oil drilling that they will undertake. There is also lots of talk about how they will control possible pollution of the ground water. You can take all this with as large a pinch of salt as you wish, depeneding on your opinion. There will, no doubt, be lots more discussion on this matter, this will certainly not be the last we hear of it.

Parish Council Vacancy (15th Sept 2015)

The current make up of the parish council is as follows:

Chair – Norman Wilkie

Vice-Chair – Charlie Sharp

Paul Boyle

Mrs Daryll Carr

Stephen Croft

Mrs Elaine Grove

John Mann

Mrs Carol Wilkie

This leaves a vacancy for a full member who is required to take up the position as soon as possible. Please contact the Parish Clerk - Phil Wilson on phil@wilson.freeserve.co.uk
 or 01964 630576.

Hogfest 2015
(7th Sept 2015)

On 29th August 2015, the village playing field, we organised our very first village Hogfest. The late August weather was very kind to us and so people were able to stay in their t shirts all night. The food (i.e pork), courtesy of Hot Trotters was excellent. There were over 100 people in the audience who were well entertained by all 6 bands/ singers. A very good time was had by all and some even got up to dance later in the evening. We will no doubt do this again some time.

The evening was also a financial success for the village as we took about £1200. This just about clears our expenses, but that is what we aimed for.

Click here to see some photos and click here to see a short video of the evening.

The Falcon in the Top 50 Pubs for Food
(26th August 2015)


The Falcon has certainly had quite an eventful history over the years but I has never been on the national map before. It has been listed as one of the top 50 pubs in the UK for food, at a highly commendable 28th place. Considering that this is still the first year that Richard and Lindsey Johns have been running the Falcon, this is indeed a remarkable achievement. It is, however, certainly no accident, this is largely due to the hard work that Richard and Lindsey have put into the pub. This has meant big changes for our village pub but we can only be hopeful that it is going to go on from strength to strength and still be a core of our community. 

Click here to see the actual listing of the top 50 pubs.

St Alban's Church Calendar
(15th August 2015)

St Alban's church has produced a 2016 calendar. This is a lovely calendar and is for sale at the bargain price of £5. It will be useful for yourself or it will make a great present for friends.
You will also be helping to raise money for St Alban's church which is need of repairs, particualrly to the roof, which will cost a great deal of money.
Click here to see a sample of the calendar.
You can buy copies of the calendar from Blondies hairdressers on Main Street.

Responsible Dog Ownership
(4th August 2015)

We have gone on many times about owners not picking up their dog's pooh, but there are many other aspects to responsible dog ownership. 
So to begin and the beginning, let us stress again that it is a legal requirement to bag and pick upyour dog's pooh and bin it. This applies to all public places including grass verges and footpaths such as Butcher's Lane. There is now an easy way to report culptits who are too lazy and irresponsible to pick up their dog's pooh - click here for how to do this, the document also gives information on other aspects of responsible dog ownership.

We have also recently had incidents with dogs not being on leads or under the control of the owner. This is also illegal, your dog may be calm and sociable but it must still be on a lead. Also when approaching another dog, do not assume that dog is also calm and sociable, keep your distance and ask the other owner if it is safe to approach. If you know your dog can be feisty or aggressive then keep your distance from other dogs; for such dogs there is the Yellow Dog Project - click here. Here your dog can wear a yellow ribbon to indicate to others to keep their distance.

We do all need to be responsible dog owners - we pick up our dog's pooh and bin it, we keep them on a lead at all times and we are careful when we approach other unknown dogs. If we all do these things, everyone - human and dog will be happy and safe.

Dead Fish Goes Viral on Village Facebook Page
(1st July 2015)

It could be said to be a slow news day when a dead fish hits the headlines, but this is Withernwick. A dead fish mysteriously turned up on Church Lane one day in June, it was quite a large fish - click here to see a photo. But the plot thickened, for a joke the pnoto was added to the village Facebook page. Most photos on the said page get a few likes and comments and maybe 200 or so views. The dead fish however got 20 comments, 20 likes and a stunning 1400 views, views from as far away as Australia and USA. We will have to keep an eye out for more unlikely hits.

If you don't already like the Withernwick Facebook page, please click here and Like Us.

Wind Farm Extension
(16th June 2015)

On the 10th June 2015, East Riding Council refused the application by Energiekontor for the wind farm extension on Cowden Lane. As you may well know this was for a further 4 turbines to add to those we already have. Probably many of you objected to this and so are no doubt pleased that the application has been refused. This will also spell the end for Quickline, as they proposed to build a mast on the site, they had probably already given up already as BT have now installed fibre cables to the village. It is to be hoped that Enegieknotor do not appeal, the goverment have already expressed objections to more onshore wind farms.

Superfast Broadband ( 1st June 2015)

As you no doubt know BT/Openreach have brought fibre-optic cable to the village which now means that we can now get high speed internet. From recent tests the speed seems to have gone up from 5 Mbps to 35 Mbps i.e about 7x faster. If you are with BT, you will need to ring them up and ask to enrolled on one of their Infinity plans. Infinity 1 has a 20Gb download limit which should be fine if you don't downlaod movies and so on, Infinity 2 has unlimited download. Infinity 1 should not cost much more than your existing plan, Infinity 2 is about £5 per month more. You will need a new router which will cost £6.99 for postage, then you will have to wait a little while for BT to actually switch you on. If you are with a different supplier you will have to contact them. This probably spells the end for Quickline even though it claims to be cheaper.

Hog Fest 15 (13rd May 2015)

On Saturday 29th August we will be organising our first Hog Roast - Hogfest 15. This will take place on the village playing fields from 5.30 to 10.30pm. Obviously there will be pork but also salad, you are however welcome to bring more food of your own (but must still purchase a ticket). There will be no drinks available, so you must bring you own (but no bottle please). There will be entertainment provided by various local bands and singers (if you are interested in appearing, we may well be able to find a spot for you, let us know). Tickets are now available at £12 for adults, £8 for 5-16's and free for under 5's. Tickets are available from Carol at 7 Mill Row, Aldbrough Road or call Paul on 527420. We are expecting a big demand and tickets are limited, so do get in early, it should be a great village night!

Dog Pooh Yet Again !!! (19th March 2015)

Yes, yet again, dog pooh rears its very ugly head. There seems to be no end to the inconsideration of some people. Some seem just to let there dogs out the back door to relieve themselves, others actually bother to pick the pooh up with a pooh bag and then throw the said bag into a verge. Firstly always monitor your dog, really it should always be on a lead and under your control. Always carry pooh bags with you, nappy bags work perfectly well for this. Always pick your dog's pooh up wherever it is - on that road/pavement, this goes without saying but also on grass verges, it looks unsightly and people have to mow it. Also futher out from the village, such as Butcher's Lane or any other footpaths, again, this looks disgusting, others may tread in it and the path does have to be mown. Finally do take your pooh bag home with you and deposit it in your bin. 

Now if this doesn't work, we must start getting culprits fined. So if you know someone who allows their dog to pooh and does not pick the pooh up, then report them directly to the East Yorkshire Dog Warden - Click here

Quickline v BT
(26th February 2015)
We have been sent this comparison pf Quickline v BT. It has been sent by Quickline, so you can take it with as large a dose of salt as you wish. The first column is for some general 'fibre' provider and not particularly BT and as far as I know BT do provide 24/7 support, router support and you can keep your own number. Here also is some explantion from Quickline (copied verbatum):

Fibre to the cabinet does not necessarily guarantee the improvement of speed in that area. It is often described as trying to transfer water from a 4cm pipe (fibre) to a 1cm pipe (copper). It is still subject to latency, reduced speeds at peak times, the requirement of a land line and even occasionally theft.
The comparison we have offered would still technically remain as there is no direct alteration to the customer, other than the possibility of a visible increase in speed. I have therefore amended the table to reflect up to 20mbs as results show that to be the average available speeds.

There is also the problem with Quickline that they are contingent on the windfarm extension being passed in order to build their mast, this may also take some time even if the windfarm is passed. On the other hand BT Openreach have suggested they will have fibre broadband working by March, see the story below (more salt may be needed). 


As always, it is entirely up to you, I do just try to put down what I know and it may well change very rapidly, either way, I still don't think holding your breath is a good idea

Superfast Broadband on its Way (6th Feb 2015)

Maybe you can't help but have noticed the holes in the verges on Aldbrough Road. These are due to Openreach, the hands-on side of BT. They are installing high speed fibre cables. We knew they had reached Aldbrough Exchange and it is wonderful to see them branching out to Withernwick so quickly. Apparently this should all be up and working by March. This should also put the kibosh on Quicline who are still dependent on installing a mast on the site of the windfarm extension; the extension has not as yet been granted permission and even if that happens it will be some time before Quickline are up and running. It is, of course, entirely up to you, but it does seem obvious which is a better choice BT or Quicline as far as holding your breath goes!

West Newton, Fracking and Seismic Testing
(18th Jan 2015)

As you no doubt know by now, Rathlin have finished at West Newton and have largely dismatled their equipment by now. Click here to read their November notes. They, of course, claim that their intention was not fracking but exploring conventional gas and oil reserves. We already have more than our share of energy engineering in and around the village, so we probably don't even want conventional oil/gas expoitation on our doorstep. Rathin did carry out seismic testing just before Christmas which many of you did feel; indded this did cause damage to several houses. This might be how life would be if we did eventually get fracking nearby which could develop from Rathlin's research. The UK government has not yet banned fraking but many US states already have, click here to read about how fracking is viewed in the USA. We will try and keep you up to date.