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Carol Singing - 20th December 2013 (21st Dec 2013)

A party of villagers (Pat Pye, Karen Brown, Paul Boyle, Carol Wilkie, John Mann and Julianne Ashton) intrepidly
braved the weather (cold wind and driving rain) to 'entertain' other villagers with the likes of
"Hark the Herald Angels Sing", "We Three Kings" and many (a few) more.
A seasonal sum of 70.01 (not sure where the penny came from - but every little counts), was raised and will be
used to help fund future village events. So thanks to everyone who kindly donated money (and a box of chocolates). Click here for a larger photo.

The Falcon To Let
(14th Dec 2013)

It is now official and common knowledge that The Falcon has been put up for let by its owners Heron Foods. We don't know why this is being done but we certainly hope that the pub carries on successfully has it has done for the lat 4 years or so. 
Here is a link to the website of the company managing the lease click here (if it doesn't come up immediately with the Falcon type Withernwick in the search box). 
Curiously if you type HU11 in the seach box, you will also come up with the George and Dragon Albrough where you can buy the freehold for 250000.
Drilling at West Newton (9th Dec 2013)

Click here 
for the Rathin website
on West Newton

You may well have noticed a drilling rig on the other side of the Lambwath Stream. It is in West Newton and so not technically in the village but it certainly impacts on us visually and may do so in other ways too. They are testing, most probably for gas. We have heard from a representative of Rathlin and this is what they say:

Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited - West Newton Well site Operations

Rathlin has now completed the drilling operations at West Newton well site. There will continue to be activities at the site but on a much smaller scale to the drilling phase. The next main phase of the operation is to test the well to establish whether there is any commercial potential. Some of the future activities will see a small service rig, with is associated equipment, along with a few specialist trucks on site. Operations will normally be limited to between 0700 and 1900 during the day unless it is necessary to work through the night. The operations will also result in some HGV traffic but on a very much lesser scale than generated by the drilling operations and we will also work to minimise this as much as possible. Rathlin is currently applying for the Environment Agency permits which will be required for future work.


Withernwick Trip to The Panto 2013 (29th oct 2013)
This years Panto trip will again be to Bridlington Spa, this year to see Cinderella. This will be on Saturday 28th Dec 2013. We will be organising a coach to take us there which will depart from The Falcon (we will let you know the time nearer to the date). We will be subsidising the price which will be 15 for all adults and 10 for under 16's, this represents excellent value. In order that we can book the tickets and the coach in good time, we do need to know if you are interested as soon as possible, if so please ring Carol on 529183. Last years panto trip was a great success, so should this one, so please join in. This is now all booked up.
Chatsworth Trip - 8th Sept 2013
(11th Sept 2013)

At 9pm 20 villagers set off from the Falcon heading for Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. We arrived around 11 am and most spent the first couple of hours looking around the amazing house itself, not that anyone could imagine how anybody could live in such a vast place. After lunch the rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around the equally vast and amazing grounds. After a wonderful day, with very good weather, we set off home and arrived back in Withernwick around 7pm, a long but highly enhoyable day. It would be great to see more villagers on future trips, this was money very well spent. Click here to see more photos.
Karen and Paul's Wedding - 3rd August 2013 (11th Sept 2013)
Being such a small village. weddings involving village people don't happen very often, so it is worth including this particular event in the latest news (albeit a little late). Wedding took place in the Registry Office in Beverley which is a very beautiful building. 
Karen and Paul did return to the village after the ceremony and had a very pleasant 'reception' in the evening. The weather was fantastic and it was a great day all round.

Click here to see more photos.

Open Gardens 2013
(21st July 2013)

On Sunday 21st July 2013 the villagers opened 
their delightful gardens to the public.
It was a dry but somewhat grey day but
there were many visitors to the gardens
who certainly warmed to the efforts of the gardeners.

Click here to see photos of the gardens

Village Scarecrow Competion
(19th July 2013)

There certainly are some very imaginative scarecrow about. Not sure they'd actually scar crows, more likely they would fall about laughing. 
The judging will take place very soon and we will let you know the winner as soon as we can.

Click here to see photos of all of the scarecrows

Hull 10 km Run for Dove House
(19th May 2013)


Dawn Dickinson and Mike Doper successfully (as you can see)
completed the Hull 10 km run on Sunday 19th May 2013.
Dawn raised 255 and Mike 348 all for Dove House.
Fantastic effort - well done to you both! And thank you to everyone who donated money to help them.

Click here to see some photos of the run.

Charity Walk for the Make It Shine School
(5th May 2013)


On beautiful sunny morning on Sunday 5th May 2013, the villagers and others took part in a walk around the village to raise money for the Make It Shine school - click here to see photos of the event.

Click here for the Make It Shine website or click here for their Facebook page

In total 300 was raised, so thank you to all who took part.
The guess the time Norman would take for his walk from the outskirts of Hull to the Falcon was won by Tim Floater, a member of the Falcon darts team who got nearest to the correct time which was 2 hours 1 minute - well done Norman and Tim.

Verity Park-Poulson's Trip to India (2nd May 2013)
Verity will be going to India for 3 weeks in August working as a volunteer. She needs to raise at least 100 for the charities and also she needs to pay over 1000 for travel and accomodation which she will be raising through fund raising activities - last Sunday she even abseiled down a 12 story building.

The projects she will be working on in India are:
Sangini - an independent organisation which provides legal and therapeutic support for women who have been victims of violence.

Digdarshika - a non-goverment organisation which provides support and training for teenagers and adults with mental disabilities including autism, schizopheria and bi-polar disorder.

For two days she will also be working with Ekjut, an orphanage for children who have been living on thr streets, in slums or were victims of abuse prior to rescue. The orphanage provides food, shelter and clothing and supports the education of the children.

To donate money to help Verity - Click here (Enter the amount of money you wish to donate on the first page, the second page will allow you to select Verity from a drop down menu)
You can also help Verity by purchasing the jumper below knitted by her Mum, Kate.



Some how Kate Park found time between decoration jobs to finish this hand-knitted sweater. It's longer fitting and knitted in doubled double knitting (thus chunky). 100 acrylic. It's a unisex fit and should fit a 36-38 chest but I'll measure it later to check. It's for sale for 60 in aid of Verity Park-Poulson's sponsorship for her volunteering trip to Bhopal this summer.


Himalayan Trek in Aid of Dove House (23rd April 2013)

Another intrepid villager is going to stretch herself in aid of Dove House following on from Dawn and Mike (see below, still time to donate). This time Helen Stockdale is going a little futher afield and is going to trek around the Himalayas and also help in a cancer care centre in Dehli. I hope you will also generously support Helen with this fantastic effort. The first link is a description of the event and the second is so that you can donate money. This will take place in April-May 2014

Trek description

Donate money to help Helen

Please help!

Thefts from Gardens and Sheds (20th April 2013)

Recently there was a theft of a valuable item from a garden in Church Lane. It may well have been associated with some men in a white van who had earlier been going around the village supposedly looking for scrap metal. We are very lucky in the village in that crime is very rare and that is probably down to the fact that we are a strong community and we look out for each other. So please do be vigilant, and don't hesitate to phone the police if you see anything suspicious going on in the village. Also be very suspicious of any callers and if they seem at all bogus, then again please ring the police. We do want to keep Withernwick a crime-free village, it is one of our great strengths.

Hull 10k Run in Aid of Dove House (11th March 2013)
Dawn Dickinson and Mike Soper will be taking part in the Hull Jane Tomlinson 10k run on 19th May in support of Dove House. If you wish to make a donation to either of them, use the secure Just Giving links below.
Donate money to help Dawn

Donate money to help Mike 
Please help and give generously. Here is the link to the official 10k run website - Click here

The run has now been completed - see above
Windfarm Visable Above Ground
(22nd February 2013)

The Withernwick windfarm being built at Homer Farm is now visable above ground level for the first time - click here to see the photos.
Do send in your photos taken from where you live or while you are on a walk around the village. It will be interesting to see how much of the windfarm is visable for various points in the village. Send in photos if you can only see the top of the blades and don't forget to say where the photo has been taken from. They will look even bigger when the blades are on. If anyone can take a photo of the machinery being delivered, that would be interesting too.  


Dog Pooh (14th February 2013)
We am sure that most people are aware of the increasing piles of dog excrement on the pavements, grass areas, and playing field. The dog patrol warden from the council is monitoring the situation and has asked if anyone sees a dog fouling and its irresponsible owners do not clean up after the dog, could they please ring 01482 936301 or e mail They will need to know the dogs owners and their address. I am sure that if we all try we will soon stop this problem. 
But please. let's not have a problem at all, so do be a responsible dog owner and take a few pooh bags with you (nappy bags are good) and no one will have to be reporting anyone.






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