The Falcon Withernwick

The Falcon is a special place, it has long been at the heart of our village and an essential part of our community. The Falcon if over 100 years old Even older pehaps, it was originally three cottage, at that time the village pub was the Old Gate on High Street. Sometime around 1870, the three cottages were converted into The Falcon, the Old Gate had shut by this time, to anyone's knowledge the village never has had two or more pubs.
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The Falcon c 1900
Cow in the Falcon
The Falcon c 1955
J R and Amy Fisher 1965

Landlords of the Falcon

(If anyone can supply more detail or corrections, do let me know)

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1861 & 1871 censuses Willam & Mary Thompson
1881 census Mary Thompson only.
1891 census - Francis Dunn
Up until 1891 (in the census, maybe longer) The Falcon had competition from the Gate Inn on High Street,
the last landlord of the Gate was Thomas Smith.

Francis Dunn (the 1901 census click on the link) also the 1911 census.
Alan, Margaret, and Enid Powell
Mr and Mrs Skelton
Mr and Mrs Newlove 1920s
Charlie Garton 1930s
Jim Medcalf 1940s to 1952 
Mr J R and Amy Fisher 1952-1965
Joan and Brian Johnson 1965 1989
Mr Cracknell 1989-1991
Fred Newbutt 1991-1993
Nick Clare 1993-2000
Graham and Chris 2000-2001
Patrick and Sue 2001-2002
Ken and Sheila 2002-2003
Mick and Eileen Micklethwaite 2003-2006
Rick - 2006
Terry and Andy Braniff-Coe 2006-2007
Laura Fox - 2007
Paul and Natalie 2007-2008
Andy, Mike and Jeanette Bolder - 2008-2009
John Sherman - 2009 - 11th Jan 2014
David Walsh - Jan 2014 - June 2014
Richard and Lindsey Johns - Aug 2014 to April 2016
Will Clappison - April 2016 - Present


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