The Hardbattle Family

John William Hardbattle (Jack) was born in Roos in 1885 and Minnie Blagdon was born in Hull in 1887. They married c 1905 and
their first three children John, Ada, Lilian (Lily) where born in Hull. The family then moved to Mill Row, Withernwick about 1914,
John William joined the army. There was born Leslie (Les) in 1915 and Dorothy in 1925. John William and Minnie continued to
live in Mill Row until they died, John William in 1960 and Minnie in the late 1970's/early 1980's. The children moved out of the
village on marriage, for example Dorothy moved to Aldbrough.
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Minnie Hardbattle (nee Blagdon) c 1920


Dorothy Hardbattle on the lap of Bert Arksey with Les Hardbattle,
taken in the school yard 1926. Dorothy had apparently managed
to crawl here from her house in Mill Row!


Ada and Minnie Hardbattle, Mill Row, c 1926

Dorothy and Minnie Hardbattle c 1930

Minnie and Dorothy Hardbattle, c 1932, Hornsea?


John William with Dorothy Hardbattle c 1932
Taken at John's allotment.


Dorothy in the garden of Mill Row c 1933


Dorothy Hardbattle (right) with possibly Hetty Knaggs (?)
In the back yard of Mill Row c 1933


John Hardbattle in his merchant navy uniform c 1940

Les Hardbattle in his army uniform c 1940

Dorothy Hardbattle in her land Army uniform c 1942

Dorothy Hardbattle in her ARP uniform c 1943

John William Hardbattle (middle)
with two unknown friends (do you recognise them?), Mill Row c 1945


The Hardbattle family 1948
(l-r) Lily Wilson (nee Hardbattle), Minnie Hardbattle holding Stephanie Adam (b 1948), Dorothy Adam (nee Hardbattle), John William Hardbattle

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