Three photos of James Eric Beeton and Irene Beeton.
They do seem to show a progression in ages.

James was born in December 1915 and Irene in September 1920.
So we can guess the photo on the right taken outside 8 High Street is c 1920.
Irene was born in 1920 (presumably at 8 High Street).
The photo bottom left is taken in the back yard of Rose Cottage,
Aldbrough Road (their grandparent's house) and is c 1923.
The bottom right photo is taken in the school yard c 1926.

They are the children of Ernest Beeton and Christiana Kearry.
There are quite a few photos of them, the best is of their marriage - click here.

8 High Street was originally the home of the children's grand-parents - Tom and Maud Kearry. But probably on their marriage, Ernest and Christiana moved into 8 High Street and Tom and Maud moved to Rose Cottage.

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James Eric was married in 1945.
Irene became a botonist, emigrated to Australia and became an
expert on the plants of Canberra - click here.


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