A photograph taken outside the Withernwick School in 1932.
Top row: Raymond Burrell, Sidney Harsley, Leslie Graham, Norman Graham, Ken Barker, Tony Robinson, ?.
Middle row:  Ralph Burrell, Eric Watson, ?, Roland Harsley, ? ,?, Alf Robinson (younger brother of Tony - above), Philip Clappison
Bottom row: Teacher: Emily Medforth, ?, ?, ?, ?, June Medforth, Kath Wilson, Betty Buckler, Dorothy Scrafton, May Graham (Avice Brown), Margaret  Scrafton, 
Grace Ellis (Mid Mould's sister), ?
Seated: John Bulson, ?, Harry Midgley, Jim Midgley, ?
Emily Medforth was Headmistress of the school from 1931 to 1963
Thanks to Rosemarie Harsley, Philip Clappison and Avice Brown for the names so far,
If any one can help with more names do let me know.
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