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Tales of Withernwick
Now organised into a 'gallery' of articles in three catagories 
(1) General Memories and Recollections (2) Places and Events and (3) Families and People.
 If you have an interesting Tale to tell please let me know via the Contact Us page.
Remember the tales can even be comparatively recent - history does happen very quickly nowadays.

General Memories and Recollections

Some recent memories of Withernwick 
 by Margaret Fawcett.


Memories of an Evacuee  in 1944 by Chris Tomlinson


Recollections of a lifetime  in Withernwick by John Witty

Memories of a lifetime in Withernwick
by Doreen Dunn


Memories and Recollections
by Mid Moulds


Recollections of a lifetime  in Withernwick by John Witty


Memories of the Village
by Caroline Smith



Withernwick Newsletter 2001
History happens quickly



The Winter of 1947
by Terry Ireland



Memories of Withernwick
by Brenda Smith


Memories of Henry Robinson
b 1850 - long but well worth a read



Memories of Withernwick
by Kathy Bemrose


A Visit to Witherernwick by 
Moira Ryan & Jonathan Simons


Memories of James Eric Beeton
1915 to 1926



Memories of Withernwick
by Liz Ramus (Stamford)

Memories of Withernwick
by Valerie Spowage (Fisher)



Places and Events

Cricket in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by Paul Boyle



Shoeing horses and hooping cartwheels by Terry Ireland


The Lambwath Stream
by Terry Ireland



Village Tennis
by Terry Ireland



Clay Pigeon Shoot
by John Witty



The Closure of Withernwick School
by Avice Brown


Shops in Withernwick
by Terry Ireland


Withernwick School in the 1950's
by Terry Ireland


White Cottage, Cowden Lane
by Avice Brown



Farming in the 1950's
by Terry Ireland



Mischief and Bonfire Night
by Terry Ireland



The Falcon c 1959
by Terry Ireland


The street names of Withernwick
by Paul Boyle


Working Withernwick 1950-1960
by Terry Ireland



Tennis, Table Tennis and Rise Hall
by Terry Ireland



Withernwick School Dinners in the
1970's & 1990's by Shirley Smith



Memories of Withernwick School
in the 1960's by Wendy Simpson


Working on Withernwick Hall Farm 
in the 1960's by John Witty



Christmas in Withernwick in 1944
by Chris Tomlinson


Poverty in Withernwick in the 19th and early 20th century by Paul Boyle



People and Families

The Burrell, Day and Nightingale
 families by Anne Peck



Tom Ireland
by Terry Ireland



The Tanton Family
by Nick Tanton



The Warcup / Warkup Family
by Kevin Warcup


The Harsley Family
by Rosemarie O'Connor



The Hardbattle Family 
by members of the Hardbattle family



John Day
18th Century Poet



Barrington Webster and the
Blacksmiths of Withernwick


William Smith Denton
Railway Pioneer



 as a Surname


The Denton Family
Surgeons of Withernwick



The Case of Hannah Lee
found guilty of assault in 1832


The Holt family in the 
early 19th century by Alison Gilewski



Irene Beeton
'Australian' Botonist



Walter Radford Welch
Vicar of St Alban's 1891-1903



The Lumley Family of Withernwick
and America.


Paul Boyle's time in Kuwait
2009 - 2013



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