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Josie Clappison
(13th Dec 2010)

It is with great sadness that we have to record the death of Josie Clappison at 4.30am yesterday, Sunday 12th December 2010. Josie was born at North End Farm, Cowden Lane in the village and lived and worked there for many years with her father and brother, Philip. Josie was for many years a PE teacher. She and Philip moved from the village in 1990 to Great Hatfield where they have lived ever since. Neither Josie nor Philip have ever married and were so they were very devoted to each other. 
Quite a few of you do remember Josie and everyone knew what a lovely lady she was, always smiling and always had time for a pleasant chat.
Josie had been ill for a couple of years but had declined rapidly over the last month, up to which point she was her usual jolly self. Philip was with Josie at the end and obviously he is very distraught, I am sure all our thoughts go out to him.
To see photos of Josie (1) click here (2) click here (3) click here.

Christmas Fayre Makes 470
(10th Dec 2010)

As you can no doubt tell if you were there or if you've seen the photos (click here) the Christmas Fayre, held on Saturday 4th Dec 2010, was a great success. So quite unsurprisingly quite a lot of money was made, 470 to be precise. Thanks are due to everyone who turned up, everyone who helped and, in particular, many thanks are due to John and Julie Sherman for allowing the Village Community Association to use the inside of the Falcon; due to the weather there was no way the Fayre could have been held outside.

Supermarket Checkout Scam
(25th Nov 2010)

It seems there is a new scam going round supermarkets which you should beware of. When you buy a trolley load of stuff in the supermarket and pay at the checkout, if you don't check your receipt, it may be that a cash-back request has been added without your permission. The money from the cash-back request is then pocketed by the checkout operator.
There is every possibility this may be going on anywhere that you can pay with a card. So you must be vigilant and check your receipt as soon as you are given it and before you leave the checkout, presumably if you try sorting it out later it is much more difficult to prove what as gone on.

Parish Council Clerk Leaves (24th Nov 2010)

The present clerk of the parish council, Wendy Cook, as sadly left the job she has served so well for the last 5 or 6 years. I can personally vouch for the quality of her work as she regularly sent me agendas and minutes of the Parish Council meetings. Tony Crook, speaking for the Parish Council, also expressed his praise for the quality and efficeincy of her work. It will no doubt not be an easy job to find a replacement of equal quality and we all wish Wendy the best of luck for the future in whatever she chooses to do. So a big thank you from everyone in Withernwick.
Christmas Fayre & Carol Singing 2010 (15th Nov)

This year's Christmas Fayre will be on Saturday 4th December from 12.30 to 3 pm, as last year it will be held in the Falcon car park. The Ladies Group will be selling cakes and other home produce. The Withernwick Community Association will be selling "made in Withernwick" craft and cards. There will be a guest artist, Claire West (Dawn's sister) with her art work - click here for her website. Obviously there will also be a tombola stall and Santa will of course be fitting in a visit in his otherwise tight schedule. There will be carol singing with the help of St Alban's. The Falcon will be open selling, amongst its usual drinks, mulled wine. We are still collecting prizes for the tombola, please hand them into Blondies.
We are sure that, as with all Withernwick events, a good time will be had by all.
Click here for a poster of the Christmas Fayre.
Rise Hall Renovation Complete (14th Nov 2010)

The beautiful renovation of Rise Hall is now sufficiently complete for it to open its doors as a venue for wedding receptions and other events.
The force behind the restoration as, of course, been Sarah Beeny best known for her TV series "Property Ladder". Ever since the De Faucombergs were the Lords of Withernwick and Rise, our two villages have had close ties and so it is good to see the old hall brought back to life.
Click here to go to the Rise Hall website.
Proposed Sale of Sunday School Building
(11th Nov 2010)

A meeting was held in the Sunday school on Wedesday 10th Nov 2010. Many people attended, including Matthew Grove, members of the Ladies Group and Darby and Joan and many others. The meeting was conducted by Keith Himsworth (from the Hornsea Methodist Group). It was only known that the meeting was concerning the use of the building. 
Mr Himsworth informed those present that it is their intention at the next circuit meeting to recommend that the building be closed and offered for sale on the open market; this came as a complete shock to those present. Although temperatures were running high, Mr Himsworth was unwilling to discuss the matter any further. 
He did, after more strong comments from those present, give three reasons for the decision:
1 - Formal liabilities (the Sunday School is an ancillary building), the actual Methodist Chapel has not been used for 10 years and was sold 7 years ago.
2 - The use of the premises.
3 - Numbers that take up worship in the village are very few.
This is the only meeting place left for the Parish Council, Ladies Group, Methodist worship, Darby & Joan, chidren's parties etc. So we need as many people as possible to write to Mr Himsworth with their concerns and views in order to try and get them to change their minds regarding the sale. Indeed no final decision has been made as yet and so your letters will be important and may well succeed in keeping the Sunday School for our use.
Mr Himswoth's address is 
2, Eastbourne Road, Hornsea, HU18 1QS
All letters must be sent before 1st Feb 2011, a decision will be made at the March 2011 Methodist circuit meeting.

12000 Hits in a Year (3rd Nov 2010)
When the website hit counter reached 17500, I know that we have had 12000 hits in a year, in fact in 11 months. That is an average of over 1000 hits a month (actually 1090). I have known that we were getting a 1000 hits in some months but to maintain that over a whole year is truly remarkable. It has been increased over the last year by the family history section which is attracting people from all over the world and who have no personal contact with the village, but even people such as this who have never even visited the village are giving us real positive feedback. I can't imagine setting a target for next year (as is the trendy thing to do nowadays), it would be a fairly meaningless thing to do (as most target setting is!), but it is a good reason for a pint in the Falcon (oh well you lot can anyway).
Booming Withernwick (16th Oct 2010)

Whenever we hear the news nowadays, there are frequent reports of declining rural communities. Village pubs are closing at an alarming rate and villages are turning into dormitories for nearby towns. So as we think about our village, I belive we can say that Withernwick is really bucking that trend. With the sucess of food in the Falcon, which is wonderful but not altogether surprising, and along with other successes, our village is well on the road to a bright future. 
This success has not simply drifted into our village like a sea-fret, no, it is down to the hard work and commitment of the villagers. I have no doubt that people all around will be wondering what if there is something in the water in Withernwick, but we all know why this has come about.
Let's keep it up, this hard-won success will not simply carry on of its own accord, but, for now, we have earned the right to celebrate, so treat yourself to a meal and a drink in the Falcon!
High Speed Broadband ? (5th Oct 2010)

BT has organised a survey to see which communities are interested in aquiring high speed fibre optic broadband. Withernwick goes through the Aldbrough exchange, so although it may seem unlikely that HU11 will get the service, we should certainly have a go; it may well help us in future even if it comes to nothing now. Just think how wohderful it would be to watch that You Tube video or that missed TV programme of BBC I Player without going off to make a cup of tea while it streams. 
So please go to it will only take a minute even at present slow speeds. And get anyone you know in Aldbrough to vote as well.
Railings Painting Completed
(3rd Oct 2010)

On a murky Saturday morning (2nd Oct), Pat Page, Tony Page, Chris Bates, Jack Bates, Tony Crook and Dawn Dickinson got their pait brushes out and completed the painting of the War Memorial railings. The railings now do look as good as new and with careful maintenance should last for a good many years.
It is right and fitting that the men remembered on the memorial are still treated well. Click here to read more about them.
Click here to see more photos.


Car Thefts (2nd Oct 2010)
On the night of 1st October, three cars in Hatfield were targeted by thieves. They were looking for cars that were left unlocked and police report that all three of the targeted cars had indeed been left open. I guess we all consider that one of the better aspects of living in a village like Withernwick, is that there seems to be little or no crime. Thankfully, that is mostly true, but that does not mean that we should be complacent. So do ensure that your cars are locked and also lock your garages and even your houses. Let's keep Withernwick a crime free place and so not give thieves unnecessary opportunities. We must thank a resident of Hatfield for warning us about this.
Children's Christmas Party 2010 (29th Sept 2010)

I know it is early, don't worry Easter Eggs will be for sale soon! but we need to know numbers of children who will attend, preferably by 16th October, so that Santa knows who to buy presents for. As in previous years, all children will get a present, there will be food and a children's entertainer. Can you let Julia know in Blondies if your child will be attending or let me know and will pass it on.
Old School Building for Sale (28th Sept 2010)

The former school building has finally been put up for sale for the bargain price of 80000. Apart from the condition of the building which is not good, as it stands, planning consent is for D1 use; this is for non-residential, institutional usage such as a library, nursery etc. So for redevelopment as a house, a change of use would have to be applied for. It could be used as a village hall under D1 usage. Hopefully though, it will see the end of the buidling as an ever worsening eyesore.

Click here to see the advert in full.
Click here to see the full brochure in Acrobat format.
Books for Sale for Charity
(27th Sept 2010)

Julia has cookery and other books for sale for charity, so when you visit Blondies of you hair doing, have a look through the selection, there may be something of interest. The cookery book has been written by Pat Myers of Bobtail's Animal sanctuary at Roundhouse, Rise. It is a collection of old recipes and costs 6, all proceeds will go towards running the sanctuary.
Facebook and Twitter (26th Sept 2010)

To help promote the website I have set up Facebook and Twitter pages for the website. On each simply search for Withernwick and you will find them. I won't do much with the Twitter page, but you can add yourself as a follower. When using Facebook ignore the page called Withernwick City, that was set up by Wikipedia and is nothing to do with us. Please sign up as a friend and leave comments if you wish. The main purpose of these pages is to advertise the website to people who haven't previously found it.
Food in the Falcon (25th Sept 2010)

Both by the guestbook and email I have had several very complimentary comments about food in the Falcon. After waiting a while for food to be served in the Falcon, it is fantastic that it has started so well. I am sure the pub will now go from strength to strength, I really don't think there is any competition in the area - there simply is no other friendly, tradional pub serving good food anywhere near. I do hope to give more details when I can, I am sorry for the lack of information so far. But, go and try it out and let me know what you think, I am collating the comments.
Breaking the Laws of Probability ? (12th Sept 2010)
Those of you who attended the quiz in the Falcon on Friday 10th Sept will have witnessed a remarkable event. Apparently when the raffle tickets were being drawn to choose who had a go at Plat your Cards Right, five times in a row a ticket was drawn from the same table. Now for a bit of maths, guessing there were about 50 tickets in the bag and that there were 5 people on that table who each had one ticket, the odds of that happening are roughly 1 in 2.5 million! Actually, of course, it doesn't break the laws of probability, just because something is highly unlikely doesn't mean it can't happen.
Mink in the Village (10th Sept 2010)

          A mink was caught on CCTV attempting to attack fish in a pond. These are American mink that were introduced into Britain in the 1920's to be bred for their fur, but many escaped and are now naturalised in the UK. They look like stoats or weasels but are far larger, they can grow to be two foot in length. They need to live near water, and so have probably found their way into larger ponds in the village. They will eat anything but are especially fond of fish, so please protect your ponds if you have valuable fish in them.
Haystack Fire
(24th August 2010)

During the night of 23rd/24th August a very large pile of hay bales, on Whitedale Road, was probably deliberately set on fire.
The blaze must have been considerable as you can see from the photograph there is very little left. It required two fire engines to bring the fire under control. The hay must have been worth a good deal of money, and so is no doubt a great loss.
If this is arson, then it is to be hoped that the culprits are apprehended.
Paul Meets Cedric Harsley
(2nd August 2010)

On Monday 2nd August 2010, I travelled to Leven to meet Cedric Harsley. He was born in Tanton Terrace, Withernwick in 1915, just one year after the start of World War 1. So he is now 95 and probably the oldest living Withenwick person (if you know different, let me know).
Born and brought up in Tanton Terrace, he and his family moved to Whitedale about 1930 when his father Hubert became the signalman at Whitedale station (click here to see Hubert).
He has since moved to Leven, where he still lives.
He is still a very active man, such as travelling to Hornsea by bicycle and riding his 1960 BSA motorbike which he has to kick start.
He has a fantastic memory and had many interesting tales to tell about his time in Withernwick and Whitedale.
Click here to see a larger version of the photo.