Hubert Harsley's Dog

We have such a lot of photos of Withernwick in the past that it is possible (with the aid of descendants and Find My Past) to make connections which really brings past members of our village back to life. The two photos below (click on them to see a larger version) seemed unrelated, the left hand one is in Church Lane in the centre of the village and the right one is of the Train family on the station platform at Whitedale. Also none of the people in the photos are in both.
The Dog was a very conspicuous part of the Train photo but it is only very recently that I noticed the dog in the Church Lane photo looked familiar, it is actually quite hard to miss those black eyes and ears on an otherwise white body and the little white patch on the top of the head.
How could this be? The common factor seemed to be Hubert Harsley, the young man stood in the doorway of the nearest house in the Church Lane photo. He was a porter at the station, and it is a very good guess that The Dog was his which he took to work with him, probably every day. The Dog does look exceptionally well behaved, so Hubert probably used to cycle the mile or so to work and The Dog would run alongside. When it came for the Train family to be photographed the children probably insisted that The Dog was included. It is nice to add the newest and yet oldest member of Pet's Corner.

  Church Lane 1911

  The Train Familty 1912

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