The Graham and Eland Families
of Withernwick


  Frederick Eland Graham
born in Withernwick in 1886.

John Eland Graham
born in Skirlaugh in 1849.


Avice Ellen Graham
with George Graham (b 1917)



     Nellie (Ellen) Graham (nee Eland) with some turkeys)
the wife of John and the mother of Frederick.
She was born in Withernwick in 1846.



(Thomas) Norman Graham (b 1920)
Son of Fred and Avice Graham.
George Hall Eland brother of Nellie 
He was born in Withernwick in 1844

Frederick was the son of John and Ellen and the father of seven children including Avice May Graham, Norman, Barbara and George.
John lived in and worked the small farm on Church Lane that now belongs to Richard Fenton.
Frederick bought and moved to White Cottage on Cowden Lane.
See the Genealogy page for more photos of the Graham family. Click here to see a family tree of the Grahams.
The Eland family were also a Withernwick Family, click here to see census details.

Life then, as now, wasn't always 'nice'. There were often difficulties which the photographs do not show.
Indeed as the newspaper cutting (dated 25th March 1896) below shows, life could get a little nasty.

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