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Photo and Video Gallery

      Withernwick 1880 to 1920

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Main St c 1900

Withernwick Mill

A sketch of 
Withernwick Mill

The Harsley Family
of Withernwick

Reopening of the Rebuilt
Wesleyan Chapel 1914

The Falcon c 1900

High Street c 1900

High Street c 1900

Sunday School - Late C19th

The marriage of Ernest Beeton & Christiana Kearry 1914

The Manor House,
South End c 1905
Main Street from
the Falcon
Aldbrough Road c1900
Pattinson's Tailor's shop
An old postcard of
Withernwick c 1905
The Old Gate pub
c 1900

Withernwick School
c 1918

Withernwick School c1906 The School c 1900 The School c1910 The School Classroom
c 1910
Church Lane c 1905 Shop on Church Lane
c 1910
Church Lane c1910
Showing Harsley family
Church Lane in Summer
c 1910
A donkey decorated with roses Church Lane c 1910
 A view from Main Street 
down Church Lane c 1900
Poem - My Native
The Train Family at
Whitedale Station c1912
A School Play
c 1920
Map of Withernwick 1890
A Sunday School Outing
c 1910
'Holderness House'
High Street c 1910
Mill Row c 1910 The Sunday School 1906 The Withernwick
Forresters c 1900
School Pupils - 1911
"Who Stole the Rabbit?"
Withernwick School Pupils
c 1900 
St Alban's church interior 
c 1900
Aldbrough Road c 1915 Withernwick cricket team 
c 1905
Ernest Mainprize
c 1914 - 1918
The wedding of Hubert Harsley & Ivy England
c 1913
The Beeton family 1917 School Pupils c 1910 Robert Clark c 1905
William Henry Clark
(1879 to 1947)*
School play c 1908
"Lovely Flowers"
Main Street c 1900 The Lowson - Fisher Family
1700 to present
The Graham Family*
Withernwick Grange
c 1890
Withernwick Hall
c 1900
An Annual Withernwick
Outing to Hornsea*
Ladies v Gents
Cricket 1912*
Marriage of Phylis Wright
c 1918
A School Cricket Team
c 1915
Two School Photographs
c 1900
Stanley Harsley
The Barker Family Ginny and Fred Harvison
Ken Moxon Wesleyan Chapel, Main Street
Names on foundation stones
The Webster Family Three old bills of Albert Wright
c 1914
Church Lane 1911
Herbert Whisker
Hubert Harsley's Dog
Three Generations of the 
Harsley's c 1900
William and Mary Holt
c 1900
Robert and Ann Croft 
c 1890
Harriet Powell (nee Kearry)
& family c 1910
Mary Ann Kearry jnr
& John William Kay
Main Street 
The Lumley's of Withernwick
and America
'Hull Road' Withernwick
c 1905
  Alfred and Laura Dunn
brother and sister 
    The Watson Family
of Withernwick
John and Sarah Foster
c 1900
Harriet Clappison Kay
b 1837
Anthony Simpson
The Trowill Family 
of Withernwick