White Cottage - Cowden Lane
and the Graham Family

The first photographs was taken about 1921 the second about 1935. The receipt is for the deposit paid when the Graham family bought the house in 1920, the family then lived there until about 1935/1936.

Conveyance details 1/12/1920

All that plot or parcel of land situated at Withernwick bounded on the north by Cowden Road . On the east and south by now or late of the trustees of William Spicer & now or late in the occupation of George Fisher & on the west by land now or late in the occupation of John Conner Wright. Which said plot of land was particularly delineated and described by way of illustration but not of limitation or by way of grant on the plan drawn on the conveyance dated 3rd October 1912 to Francis Summerscales and herein coloured red. And also all that messuage or dwelling houses, formerly three dwelling houses, with garden, out offices, conveniences and other elections erected on the said plot of land or on some part thereof known as The White Cottage, as now in the occupation of F & W Lawrence, with the wood and tile shed adjoining the said dwelling house and now used as a smithy as now in the occupation of F & W Clappison.
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