The Harsley Family of Withernwick

There are many photos of the Harsley family on the website, see the Genealogy page, on this page a quite a few more. The family tree is only intended to connect the photographs. James Webster and Annie Elizabeth lived in Church Lane (click here), he was a shoemaker. Walter and Ada lived in White Cottage, Cowden Lane. Hubert and Ivy lived in Tanton Terrace. William (Brownie) lived in Spetch Cottages n Main Street.

As an example of how Withernwick families were connected; Ivy England's mother was Susannah Kearry the sister of Tom Kearry who we also have quite a few photos of (click here).

Thirza story is a difficult one. It seems she may been born illegitimately to Bertha in 1890; in the 1901 census, Thirza is being looked after by Jane, her grandmother. Then in the 1911 census she is with Bertha, her mother, having aquired an extra name Olive. Click here to see a photo of Jane and Bertha. 
Click here to see a page from a bible owned by the Harsley's, it shows all the children born to Samuel and Jane Harsley (including James Webster and Bertha).
They do all appear in the birth records, the one confusion is that there is a Thirza b 1880.
What obviously happened was that Thirza b 1880, daughter of Samuel and Jane, died very young, she does not appear on the 1881 census. Then Thirza b 1890 was christened Olive Thirza, her second name presumably in memory of her Aunt Thirza. But then Olive Thirza is always known by the name Thirza and not Olive. In total Samuel and Jane had 14 children. Jane was a daughter of Barrington Webster, once the village blacksmith - click here.
Click here for a photograph of Stanley Hobson who was sadly killed in World War 1.

Click here to see a family tree of the Harsley's that shows how the people on this page are related.
Click here to see more cenus details of the Harsley family.
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Walter Harsley c 1914

Walter and Ada Harsley c 1914

Ada Harsley (nee Tee) c1925

Susannah Harsley (sister of Walter) c 1915

Susannah Harsley c 1910

Thirza Harsley c 1915
Stella and Sidney Harsley, the children of Walter and Ada

Annie Elizabeth
the wife of James Webster

Ivy with Cedric c 1916 - click here to see Cedric 94 years later.
Ivy (nee England) was related to the Keary family.
Sadly Cedric died in 2012 aged 97.

Ann Elizabeth Sherman (nee Harsley) b 1878
Sister of James Webster Harsley.
Click here to see a larger photo with more information.

Besty Harsley - born 1879
Wife of Herbert Harsley and mother of Brownie Harsley

Brownie (William) c 1920
The armband is obviously significant.

Roland Harsley c 1940 in his RAF uniform
Cedric was also in the RAF.

Stanley c 1940
He joined the Army Driving Corps


The marriage of Roland Harsley and Gladys Graham, c 1940. Taken outside Hubert and Ivy's bungalow in Whitedale.
At the back (l to r) Hubert Harsley, Cedric Harsley, Roland Harsley, Gladys Graham, George Graham, Hilda Graham.
At front, on left Ivy Harsley (nee England, wife of Hubert) and right, Clara Graham (mother of Hilda and Gladys).
Cedric later married Hilda.
Clara, Hilda and Gladys are related to the Graham's of White Cottage, Cowden Lane (including George) -
George and Hilda & Gladys share a common great-grandfather, Robert Graham of Cowden b 1824. Click here to see a family tree.


Stella with her husband Herbert Binns - 1930's

Thirza Harsley c 1920
See the top of the page for a explanation of Thirza's ancestry.
At a later date she married Harry Southwick, so despite at times
being Harsley, Barker and Southwick everyone seems to 
remember her as Thirza Harsley

Thirza Southwick (nee Harsley) outside Tanton Terrace with a neighbour Margaret Wright (daughter of Ernest Colton Wright, click here to see her when younger). The photo is dated 1966 so Thirza is probably aged 76


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