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Photo and Video Gallery

      Withernwick 1920 to 1960

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The cast of a play
late 1950's
Withernwick WVRS 1950's The Women's Institute
The Withernwick Ramblers
Skiffle Group c1958 *
The Withernwick
Drama Group *
First Darby and Joan
Meeting 1955 *
Hubert Harsley's Garden
Whitedale 1957
Cowden Lane -aerial view
High Street near
Butcher's Lane
A Cow in the Falcon
Women's Institute 
21st Anniversary 1951
Football Team c1948 Glebe Farm and the
Fishers - 1940's
The Hardbattle Family  The Witty family
Home Guard c1944 George Tomlinson Guarding
Withernwick 1944
The Women's Institute
Wilf Skelton, blacksmith
at work c 1940
The WI Garden Party 1932 *
Withernwick School 1932 School Cricket Team
White Cottage, Cowden Lane
c 1921 *
Ladies v Boys 
Cricket Match 1933
School pupils with a
trophy c 1925 ?
Wilstrop Ellis and 
Ernest Beeton c 1925
Another photo of the
Football team c 1948
A womens event 
Late 1940's
Two School Photos
c 1920
The Withernwick Ninepins
April 1922
Margaret Wright 
c 1926
Wilfred Kearry 
c 1921
Tom Kearry - Postman
1939 - aged 76
Withernwick School pupils 
c 1928
William and Alan Dunn
building c 1930
Rev Samuel Paling
c 1920
Wilstrop Ellis c 1920 Hetty Dunn 1931 Arthur and Ada Medforth
c 1920
The Dedication of the 
War Memorial c 1920
"Mr Bright's Mission Van"
9th June 1924
Tom and Maud Kearry
Whit 1940
James and Irene Beeton
1920 - 1926
Withernwick School pupils
Pat Fagan
Local copper - 1950's
  Sport's Day
c 1936
Marriage of Fred Clappison
& Jane Welford 1924
Agnes Welford
Withernwick Grange
Lorne Terrace 
& the Falcon 1956
The Clappison family
& North End Farm
A New Altar in
St Alban's 1923
The Southwick Family Joe and Elsie Crawforth Cecil Smith Graham Kathy Wilson
c 1928

The Wedding of 
Kathy Wilson 1941

The Harsley Family The Barker Family The Marriage of Owen Fisher The Ireland Family
  Tee Family reunion
Henry Robinson
Rosine Ott (Harsley) &
the Ott family
A Village Event
The Norman family
The Harvison Family   Whitedale Station
  in the 1950's
Lilian Brown (nee Barker/Harsley) 1950s Inauguration of George
Hewson 1940
11 High Street - 'Patchouli
Cottage' c 1940
Gladys Wray
c 1960
Lily Myers
c 1960
Olive Kearry
1943 to 1949
Mary Ann Kearry
c 1920
The Medforths and the
MV Juneville May 1937
Colour Photos of the School
c 1960
A double christening
c 1960
John Robert Fisher
c 1930
The Wedding of Rose Fisher
and Harry Ness 1953
The Flint Family and the
Post Office.