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The Wildlife of Withernwick

What we want here are articles of the animals that we see in and around Withernwick.
I'm sure there are many zoologists, ornithologists etc.

So please send us any articles via the contact us page or just tell us which animals you have seen.

It would be interesting to keep a list of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians that any of us have seen.

If the name is a hyperlink ( with a * next to it), click to take you to a video or photo, if you have a photo or video of an animal actually 
seen around Withernwick then please send it to us. 
When viewing the videos - don't sit too close to the screen - this avoids the pixelation.
The videos on Youtube are of better quality, and this is the way I will upload them in future..

*Gold finches (video)
*On Youtube   *Photo   *Photo  2
Barn Owl Tawny Owl * Long Tailed Tits (video)
* Photo
* Great spotted woodpecker
*On Youtube
* Blue Tit * Robin + Video * Chaffinch1  2
Grey Heron * House Sparrow Dunnock Great Tit
* Greenfinch * Starling * Blackbird + Video + Nesting Skylark
* Pied Wagtail * Jackdaw Wren * Pheasant
Kestrel  * Collered Dove *Wood Pigeon Magpie
Mistle Thrush * Song Thrush Swift * Swallow
* House Martin Rook * Moorhen * Long Eared Owl
Crow Canada Goose * Mute Swan Buzzard
Black Redstart * Yellowhammer * Sparrowhawk Reed Warbler
Red Kite  * Lapwing Nightingale Oystercatcher
Cuckoo Little Owl Tree Creeper Willow Tit
Tufted Duck Coot    
* Hedgehog Roe dear House mouse Weasel
Stoat Rat * Rabbit Hare
Shrew Fox * Pipistrelle Bat Mole
Dormouse  * Grey Squirrel    
Reptiles and Amphibians
* Great Crested Newt * Frog 1 2 3 * Grass snake Common Toad