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About Withernwick

For those of you who don't know much about Withernwick and have maybe come across this website by accident or curiosity. 
Here are a few things about Withenwick.

  • Withernwick is in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

  • It is about 10 miles from Hull and 4 miles from Hornsea.

  • We are about 2 miles from the North Sea coast, which is the fastest eroding coastline in Europe.
    (but we are safe for at least 1000 years)

  • We have a population of about 500.

  • It is an ancient village mentioned in the Doomsday Book.

  • The Falcon Inn is a rare survival of a traditional country pub.

  • It is a lovely friendly village and although off the beaten track is well worth a visit.

  • If you are looking to move to somewhere with a real community - Withernwick will be for you.

    Some visual information

    For a virtual tour on Google, go to Google, type your postcode in e.g HU11 4TS, go to maps. 
    In satellite view zoom in until it goes to virtual tour and follow the instructions Click here

To see some maps showing the location of Withernwick Click here  
A detailed road map of the East Riding of Yorkshire Click here
For a slide show of Withernwick (same as on homepage) Click here

The Withernwick Wanderer - a walk around Withernwick Click here
Some official documents describing Withernwick - worth a read, they will tell you a few things you didn't know. 
They are all from East Riding.
They are, by now, 'historical' documents, as you read them, you will noticed things that have changed.

For much more detail about Withernwick - a detailed statistical analysis of the population and resources Click here

A description of Withernwick Conservation Area (the whole village and pay take a while to load) Click here

The Withernwick section of the 1999 Holderness Wide District Plan Click here
Crime and Safety in Mid-Holderness (including Withernwick) 2005/2006 Click here
Prospect School - Ofsted Report - May 2008 Click here
(Please note, if you are new to Withernwick, Prospect School as a small independent special school, Withernwick no longer has a primary school, Prospect House is also no longer a school)

About the Website

The website was first started in December 2008.
I do depend on everyone supplying me with stuff to keep the website going, so here are some ideas of things and how to get them to me

  •  Any interesting photos of scenes, people or events - old or new. Send them by be-mail (about 600 x 400 pixels or larger) 
    or if you need a photo scanning please see Paul Boyle 

  • Videos are a problem as they are so large. The best thing to do is to upload them onto Youtube and send me the web address (something like www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ-2CyWVERw) and I can link from the website to your video. Uploading to Youtube is easy, simply create a free account and it's straightforward, just make sure they are in .mpg format.. You could also use Dailymotion, again videos need to be in .mpg format.

  • Pets, of any description, for Pets Corner, and Pet's stories such as "Scruffy's Blog"..

  • Any interesting stories of hobbies and interests, I do seem to have set a precedent here that they have to be on music, but anything that you think might be interesting would be good. I'm sure you do all do interesting things or have done interesting things in the past; they can just be a one-off event.

  • Articles of the history, geography and nature of Withernwick. Again e-mail it as a Word or text document or even 
    give it to me hand written. Also tales of Withernwick, anyone's memories of the village in the past, even the recent past, history does happen quickly.

  • I do particularly need "Items for Sale". This is what will keep the site buzzing - and it does work, I personally have sold a few things already and made 80! It is so easy for the buyer to collect what they've bought. And now its free!

  • Any other ideas, the website is very flexible, so if you can think of something that doesn't seem to fit anywhere, don't worry I'll create a home for it.