Emigration from Withernwick in the 19th and 20th Centuries

If we were thinking of a trip to Canada, USA, Australia or New Zealand, it would take a fair bit of planning, there would be difficulties to overcome and the journey would be long and probably uncomfortable. Now imagine trying the same thing before airplanes, the internet and travel agents. But that is exactly what some intrepid residents of Withernwick did. So imagine, probably the men, sat in the Old Gate or later the Falcon discussing the hardships of life in the village. Then one would suggest that he had heard there were opportunities in Canada etc.
Having thought it was a good idea to emigrate, then the difficulties would begin, click here to read about emigration from Hull in the 19th century.
Then on reaching their destination their difficulties would continue, life was not gauranteed to that much easier back in Withernwick. However in such developing countries there would be opporunities for those prepared to take a risk and work hard.
Below are ten Withernwick people who decided to leave the village for new adventures.
There are no doubt more.

 USA -  William Smith Denton c 1851

Canada - Susannah Thompson (later Kitson) 1851
Australia -  William and Ann Holt 1853   Photos
USA - Thomas Hewson c 1860

USA - John and Ann Lumley 1866
Canada - Robert and Ann Croft 1871

Australia - Harry Fisher 1928

New Zealand - Kathy Wilson c 1950    Photo   Photo

Australia - Irene Beeton 1960   More photos

Australia - Valerie Fisher 1970


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