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Photo and Video Gallery
Withernwick 1961 to 2005

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Snow - Feb 2004 The Blacksmiths 2002 The Village Time Forgot
Not Much Fun Living
in the Sticks 1998
Youngsters Help with Village
Hall Renovation 1991
Village Hall Threatened 
Closure 1991
School Fire 1993 Children's Play Area
Opening 1981
Amenity Centre Opening
An Snowy
Withernwick c 1980
Wellie Wanging
Jubilee Day 1977
Butchers Lane 1973 Main Street  1973 High Street 1973 Church Lane 1970's
Withernwick School
Closing - 2004
Withernwick School
Children's Parties *
(Including some new ones)
Children's Party
Jan 1966
School Play 1963
Infants Play 1960's
"A Christmas Cure"
Church Lane 1960's Threatened School
Closure 1965
Mrs Cherry's 90th Birthday
High Street
Main Street - looking towards the Falcon - 1960's
Views of Withernwick
School c 1985 *
The Old Chapel 
High Street 1980's *
Church Lane c 1980 * Main Street c 1980 The Falcon c 1980
The Sunday School 
c 1980
St Alban's Church 
c 1980 *
A survey of household 
equipment in the village c 1965
The Old White House
Beverley Rd 1980's*
Old cottage
Cowden Lane 1980's
North End Farm 1980's* Cottages, Church Lane just
before demolition 1980's*
The interior of the chapel
Main St - 2005*
Prize Giving - c 1967
Sunday School
Three photos of 
School pupils - 1980's
Three School photos
1990, 1993, 1996
Ivy Gowthorpe - 30 years
as school caretaker - 1976
School re-opening after fire
5th Jan 1994
J R & Amy Fisher 
in the Falcon 1965
The adventures of 
Harry Fisher (1894 to 1979)
Corner carnage! 2004 + 
A video of another lorry
Rose Cottage
Aldbrough Road 1970's
Construction of Mill Lane
A view from Aldbrough Road
towards St Alban's 1970's
Chris Tomlinson visits
Ivy Gowthorpe 1976
Jack Fryer's 
Greengrocery delivery 1980's
Fancy Dress at Church
Garden Fete 1979
Lynn Colley's Horse Show
Falkland's Appeal 1982
The wedding of Paul Fox
and Anne Smith 1987
Snow - Feb 1979
Children's party
Jan 1994
The Post Office
Main Street c 1970
The Witty family A bill from W.Ellis shop
dated 1971
A bill from Whitedale Garage
dated 1960
Wedding of Andy Smith &
Liz McDonnell
Silver Jubilee Day
Church Lane
Pear Tree Cottage, Church Lane - 1960's and Now Emily Medforth 1963
School Headmistress
A school photo
c 1965
Alwyn Fisher
1970's & 80's
A WI Buffet
c 1970
The Fisher Family of
Lynton Terrace