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Photo and Video Gallery

Withernwick Pre 1880

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This section is for the period before photographs, so it will include, sketches, prints, maps and written documents

Old St Alban's 
c 1840
Tom Mercer (1806-1858)
Blind Fiddler of Withernwick
Map of Withernwick c 1805 A sketch of 
Old St Alban's
A Bronze Age Sword
found in Withernwick
Richard and Susanna Lowson
c 1800
The Topham Family
18th Century
The Will of Robert Croft
The Will of Robert Croft
Withernwick Field System
19th Century
Barrington Webster
c 1870
John Day - 18th Century
Withernwick born poet
William Smith Denton
Railway pioneer
The tree of the Leaper, Riby,
Runton and Jackson families
The tree of the Palmer family
Withernwick in the
Doomsday Book
The Case of Hannah Lee The Will of John Leaper of
Homer House 1843
  The Will of Peter Dunn
Sarah Leaper's
Dictionary - 1821
The Curious Tale of 
Maria Frances Watson